3 Tips for Purging Your Fridge of Pungent Odors

If refrigerator cleanliness is consistently put on the backburner, your fridge is practically guaranteed to fall victim to pungent odors. This is particularly true in the case of fridges that frequently house foods with powerful aromas. Fortunately, keeping your refrigerator odor-free is far from a difficult task. As you’ll find, a little bit of persistence and ingenuity can go a long way in the fight against smelly fridges. If you’re currently on the hunt for ways to banish foul smells from your fridge, take the following pointers to heart.

1. Baking Soda is Your Friend

Baking soda is an invaluable ally in the fight against refrigerator odors. Keeping an opened box of baking soda in your fridge at all times ensures that an array of bad smells will be promptly soaked up. The frequency with which you’ll need to swap out baking soda boxes varies depending on how much food your fridge holds, as well as the types of food you regularly store. However, for best results, it’s strongly recommended that the baking soda be changed once every one to three months. New Yorkers in the market for fridge maintenance pointers should get in touch with a facility that offers Sub Zero refrigerator repair NYC.

2. Clean Your Fridge Every Six Months

Giving your refrigerator biannual cleanings is another great way to nip odors in the bud. Every six months, make a point of emptying your refrigerator and thoroughly wiping it down with a cleaning solution comprised of water and vinegar. This will eliminate any existing odors and help protect the fridge against bad smells in the future.

3. Store Leftovers in Airtight Containers

To prevent odors from leaking out, store all leftovers in airtight containers. Since many restaurants provide cardboard containers for takeout orders and leftovers, many people are content with using them for storage. It should be noted, however, that these containers are not designed for long-term storage and are highly conducive to odor leaks. Whether you’re storing leftover takeout or the remains of a meal you prepared yourself, airtight containers are the wisest option.

No one enjoys getting a whiff of something foul upon opening a refrigerator door. Luckily, a tiny bit of effort on your part can make fridge odors a thing of the past. Anyone eager to protect their refrigerator from pungent aromas can easily do so with the help of the previously discussed tips.