Hardwood Flooring a Durable and Stylish Option for an Elegant Home

Choosing hardwood flooring when renovating your home, is actually an investment towards the value of your home! With all the new and beautiful flooring options available in the market, you should do your research to be able to make an informed decision.

When shopping for your desired hardwood flooring, we recommend that you focus on either solid wood or engineered hardwood. Other types like synthetic laminates & laminates should be avoided. Of course your budget plays a significant role when it comes to flooring. Furthermore, you will have to decide which species, according to taste, will complement the rest of your home’s your interior.

• Other applicable factors

You will have to decide whether your want to opt for pre-finished hardwood or the unfinished type.

1. Pre-finished hardwood

This type of hardwood is widely used nowadays and is available in a variety of wood species, varying sheen levels as well as different colours of the wood stain.

2. Unfinished hardwood

Unfinished hardwood will first be installed and will afterwards it will be finished with the varnish and stain of your choice.

• Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood, which is also made of real wood, offers a great choice in all the solid wood species. Engineered hardwood planks, are joined together with glue in several layers consisting of wood-veneers. This great hardwood flooring option can be used in all the rooms of your home. It is available in the market in different thicknesses, grains and marvelouscolors.

Engineered hardwood flooring pros and cons
• Pros:

1. Engineered hardwood flooring’s design created in layers makes it a better option where stability is concerned.

2. It is very effective to block the penetration of moisture, due to its layering design. Thus, there will be a less chance that the flooring will swell or warp.

3. It needs only minimal maintenance.

4. It is observed to be more eco-friendly. The veneer is not machine-cut, but sliced which creates a minimum of sawdust. Due to this process the tree will be usable for more purposes.

5. Trees utilized to derive the engineered veneer, grow faster in comparison with hardwood trees.

6. It provides a more affordable option, which can fit different budgets.

7. The lifespan of engineered hardwood flooring varies between 30 and 100-years, determined by the brand.

• Cons:

Actually there are no real cons. However some that can be mentioned are:

1. Cheaper flooring options are available, for example laminate, tiles or carpeting.

2. Whilst solid hardwood can be sanded many times, engineered hardwood flooring can be done much less. Therefore it is better to buy the thicker type of engineered hardwood.

To find the most beautiful hardwood flooring species which include birch, acacia, exotics, European oak, walnut, white oak and walnut click here http://www.gohaus.com/wood-flooring. Here you will also find detailed and in depth information about installation methods, wood builds and species, plank dimensions as well as wear-layers and texture!

An elegant and stylish home is within the reach of varying budgets, due to the beauty and effectiveness of engineered hardwood flooring!