Wooden Boat Plans – How to Select Perfect Type of Boat

You’ve decided to build a boat and are trying to figure out what type of boat you should build. Selecting the best wooden boat plans for the right type of boat is critical. There are many things to consider that will make your selection of plans a success

Type of Propulsion

There are three options when considering how your boat will be propelled: sail, manpower or motor. Sailing uses wind power and may be the most relaxing option. Rowboats, kayaks, and canoes use manpower to move through the water and can be a great way to see nature from the water or to get a good workout. Motorboats come in all shapes in sizes and include the largest selection of boats of the three categories. With motorboats, there is everything from ski boats to house boats, to some fishing boats.

What Design of Boat Appeals to You?

If you’re not sure, you can search for pictures of boats on the internet to find a design you like. From there, you can compare the pictures that appeal to you to the wooden boat plans that you are considering to see if they are similar. There is no sense in building a boat that won’t captivate you when you are finished.

Skill Level

Before purchasing your wooden boat plans you want to be realistic with yourself about your skill level. If this is your first boat, then building something smaller like a canoe, rowboat, or jon boats are good options to start with. Even with these smaller boats, there will be many challenges. Larger boats are also an option, but be aware, without experience, you may spend a large amount of your time learning new skills. A better option might be to build a small boat first and then move on to something larger.

Space to Build

Where will you be building your boat? Is there an exit large enough for the boat you’ve built from the space you have built it in? A space several times the size of the boat is required to build it. A boat is a large project that can take a long time, and the loss of the space to other purposes should be considered as well.

Building a boat is a great experience and one that can be treasured for a lifetime. Being intentional and planning before buying your wooden boat plans, can mean the difference between a character building experience and a successful project.

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