Why You Should Choose Artificial Grass

Why you should choose Artificial Grass?

‍In recent times, the number of homeowners opting for artificial grass across the world has increased substantially. But what is artificial grass and why would anyone choose it over natural grass? We all know that natural grass is an extremely versatile plant that can be used for a range of different purposes. However, there are a number of areas where using natural grass may not be ideal. Artificial grass is essentially a man-made alternative to natural grass, and the following blog details some of the reasons why you may need artificial turf rather than natural grass. 

It’s a much cheaper alternative

This is often the number one reason why people choose to install artificial grass. However, you may be surprised to learn that the upfront cost of artificial grass is actually slightly higher than the cost of natural grass. However, the upkeep costs are very different. You need to purchase the artificial grass once and then there are no other costs involved. Natural grass, on the other hand, requires fertilisers, pesticides, and mowing, all of which have ongoing costs. The initial costs might be higher for artificial grass, but in the long run it is a much cheaper alternative.

It requires less maintenance

Natural grass requires a lot of maintenance. You need to water it frequently, spread fertilizer, and then you have to mow it regularly to keep it from getting out of control. Many people don’t have the time or the energy to take care of natural grass. In comparison, artificial grass requires very little maintenance. You don’t have to water it, fertilise it, or mow it. As a result, you not only save yourself time but also save money on the costs of gardening services. Instead of having to mow your lawn, you can simply sweep or vacuum your artificial grass. This makes it a great choice for pet owners who want to keep their lawns clean. Additionally, artificial turf lasts much longer than natural grass. While you can expect to see natural grass die after two or three years, artificial grass will last for 20 years or longer.

It’s accessible 

Natural grass is a great surface for people who are able to maintain it. However, if you have accessibility issues, natural grass may not be the best option for your lawn. If you have mobility issues that make it difficult for you to maintain the lawn, or children with allergies, artificial grass may be the better option. With artificial grass, you can have a lawn that is accessible for everyone.

You can use it indoors

This is a great reason to install artificial grass if you have kids who are regularly playing outside. Or, if you have pets that are running around both indoors and outdoors on a regular basis. Natural grass can become very messy if your child is playing football, for example, and it can be even more dangerous if your pet is running around on it before re-entering your home. With artificial grass, however, you can avoid this mess and keep your family and pets safe and clean. This is also especially useful if you are hosting a party and don’t want to worry about cleaning up natural grass.

Artificial grass is great for sports

Artificial grass is, in fact, much better for sports than natural grass. It is softer on your joints and, unlike natural grass, doesn’t get soggy or slippery when it gets wet. You might notice that natural grass is often used on sports fields, but this is because there is no other option. Artificial grass is often used indoors where it is a much better surface for sports. The advantages of artificial grass for sports are numerous. It is ideal for team sports such as football and netball, and it is also great for individual sports such as tennis and badminton.

It’s pet-friendly

If you have a pet, you may have noticed that natural grass can be bad for their health. This is because animals can ingest the grass and then get sick from the fertilisers and pesticides that are used to grow natural grass. Natural grass is also very harmful if your pet is a long-haired breed. This is because long haired breeds get matted when they run around on natural grass. 

Artificial grass is much better for pets. It doesn’t get soggy when it rains and doesn’t contain any harmful chemicals. This is great if you have long haired breeds or if your pet likes to eat grass. Natural grass can also pose a danger to pets if they dig around in it and then ingest the dirt. With artificial grass you can avoid this and ensure that your pet is safe and clean.

There are environmental benefits

Natural grass requires a lot of water, fertilizer, and pesticides to stay healthy and thriving. This has an impact on the environment and also on the people who are living in the area. Natural grass also requires mowing, which produces harmful emissions. This is true even when you have a zero-mow lawn as the mower will still need to be driven over the area. With artificial grass, on the other hand, you will save water, fertilisers, pesticides, and carbon emissions. This means that you are helping the environment by installing artificial grass. You will also have a lower water bill, a cleaner environment, and a safer alternative for your pets and children.


Artificial grass is a great alternative to natural grass for a number of reasons. It is a much cheaper alternative, requires less maintenance, you can use it indoors, it is great for sports, it’s pet-friendly, and there are environmental benefits. With all of these benefits, it is easy to see why more people are choosing to install artificial grass. Shop the range, at Deckorum

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