Top 14 ways you can make money from home

The modern world has gifted us with a plethora of amenities, making our lives more comfortable at each and every step. And for the longest time now, since economies and markets have come into existence, people have depended on jobs for subsistence. Having already said that the modern world offers us much, amongst its greatest gifts is to be able to work comfortably at home. A boon for the lot who enjoy working comfortable at home in sync with most other errands they run on a daily basis. All that said, the online workplace is one that is infested with scams. The FBI, with their intricate understanding of online criminal activity, have stated that the ratio of scams to real jobs online is 61-1. Making the common population apprehensive about looking for jobs online. However, with a little understand of the way in which the system works, anyone, including you, can find yourself reliable jobs online.

Each and every individual has a natural set of talents and a unique skillset. It is important that you harness and understand this to be able to stand out in the online workplace. Diligence, a healthy work ethic and the ability to be flexible are few of the many things that can take you a long way when it comes to succeeding in a home based work setting.

While working at home might seem like a wonderfully feasible and comfortable thing to be part of, it does have its own set of challenges. The most common one is drawing the line between work and personal life. When you manage to do that, other imperative things such as finding a designated work area at home, developing a routine, become trivial things. A well-conditioned laptop/PC, strong internet capacity, land line are absolute musts in a home based work space.

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Given below are the jobs that you can do from a home setting:


The most popular job on the list that almost every Joe and Jane knows about. To do this one, strong command over language, a clear cut voice, and patience are absolute must haves. Negativity on the other end of the line might frustrate or keep you from moving forward. However, a strong will and perseverance will reap some miraculous benefits for you, as telemarketers are subject to bountiful commissions and incentives bases on performance. There are a number of legitimate websites online where one can apply. A real company will never ask for any form of payment and will give you a clear idea of what you can expect from them, this, in turn, will be your best bet when it comes to understanding the above-mentioned legitimacy of the job.


Probably the most fulfilling job on the list. Being a teacher is something that will never go out of style or respect. If you hold valuable degrees and have a strong hold of subjects such as Language, Maths, Sciences and/or social studies, there are tons of students out there who can make use of your valuable knowledge. is the most established and highly trafficked website out there. Tutors earn anywhere between Rs.1000 to Rs.500 an hour.


If “Oh my lord, you are such an incredible writer” is something you’ve been hearing most of your life, then the above mentioned jobs are perfect for you. Most writing and content creation jobs are legitimate as people employ professional and highly sought after language and verbose to get their ideas across to the average population. There are plenty of websites of there that you can apply to and start your writing job right away. The average writer Joe earns anywhere between Rs.1000 to 3000 for each well versed article.


Now this one requires very specific focus to do. Being an online juror means that companies will hire you to give much needed feedback to jury consultants and attorneys. The cases are genuine for the most part and your take will go a long way in influencing the final verdict. is one that is quite common in the online framework.


Hold on for a second, this one will take your breath away. If you have artistic skills that you developed over the years, you can sell it online. People around the world have different artistic taste, some prefer intricate sculpture, others like abstract painting, which some absolutely cannot seem to understand, and some others like creative infusion of objects that can be used for decoration. Whatever side of art your skills lie, realise that there is always a place for it. Some prefer starting up their own website, and other put up their artwork online for exhibition on auction websites to save costs. In any case, the outcome is the same, an influx of money and a hefty wallet!


In a world where almost every aspect of life involves technology, a digital transcendence of help is one that is proving most useful. A virtual assistant is someone who offers help on anything that is technical, administrative or creative in nature. There are some exceptional cases wherein the form of assistance can be medical as well. They are usually independent contractors who work from remote locations and in some cases can be on the receiving hand of incentive and commission.  In any case, being a VA is something that is becoming vastly popular in this increasingly digital world.


While there are discerning similarities between this kind of job and the one mentioned above, they are actually quite dissimilar in the way that one goes about doing them and the kind of work involved. If there is anything in life that you have an insurmountable knowledge about and have an extreme passion for, then consider this, there are websites out there that will pay you for that very knowledge. Anything from the task of preparing a delicious kebab platter, or how to get become a particular sport, can be written out as long as you employ professional language, engaging writing, and state facts that are accurate and useful. Most of the growths on these websites are made through advertisements that will display on your blog, part of which will be shared with you as incentive. The more views per page you get, the greater the income. All this while talking about something you love and making you more than happy to share with those who are curious and/or are novices in the respective areas they wish to learn more about.


If you’ve got a number of vehicles that you happen to not take around too often these days, then this is one convenient way to make finance out of the resources you have. Depending on the model of your car and its market value, rental agencies will take about a 40 to 50% cut and you are eligible for the revenue made thereon. With an alarming trend of pollution increase and a phenomenal rise in environmental awareness, you can bet on car rentals becoming a more a popular idea. The most striking thing however, is the ability to easily balance this job out with one that you’re already part of or simply make it part of your larger investment pool.


Does it not surprise that you moot ideas such as psychic readings and astronomical knowledge, things that are extremely superstitious and irrelevant in nature, have a market? The one thing these ideas do not lack however is creativity. People have found a variety of ways to attract consumers looking for things in different aspects of life. That said, any idea, no matter how inferior it may seem, is of relevance to a very large bunch of people out there. After all, there are seven billion people in the world, you can most definitely get a gathering of them to be recipients of your phenomenally creative product. With the right platform to market and sell this product, there’s no tell on how much you can make in a day, anything from 5$ per idea or product, to a 1000.


To some, this may sound absolutely atrocious, to others, this is an absolute delight. Pets have increasingly integrated themselves as part of human culture, and many humans these days see them as no less than family. And family needs taking care of. Having said that, owners run all over the place to find their mates a safe dwelling. What better than to house loveable creatures that need just your affection, care, and of course, feeding? If you’re ready for a job that will take you all over the household, keep you actively on your feet, and at the same time offer a deeply fulfilling and satisfying experience, then look no further. Do remember though, a pet care is just like looking after a bunch of less intelligent children. It takes patience and dedication; however, it pays off with experience and the money of course!


Oh, things have just got less exciting have they? While monotonous and clerical in the long run, there are plenty of companies out there who need useful data to be registered for the sake of record keeping and tracking. A few others may require research and some may need testing. Whatever the case may be, data entry is an efficient way to make money, especially for those who are in need of hard cash. The exciting thing and probably the only one at that, is that influx of cash never stops. The more you do, the more you get. Establishing yourself with responsible firms is a great way to start. Typing speed, flexibility, patience and a little water, can take you a long way.


With a massive increase in workload, larger companies outsource third-party companies who then go on to hire contracted agents to take orders and calls on their behalf. You never the Joe on the end of a service line may actually be someone comfortably planted on a bed, oh and let’s not forget, making money at the same time. The prerequisites for this job, however, are quite daunting. Companies give out a bunch of details about the service they sell that must be carefully studied and applied when dealing with someone who has a complaint or just necessary feedback. All that pays off in the long run as this kind of job is long-term and companies prefer keeping agents who have knowledge about their products and services.


There is one thing in the world there will always be a market for, and that is cooking. The reason the latter gets a very specific mention is because the implications of it are infinite. Whether you want to open up a home based restaurant, a homemade lunch delivery framework or simply making cookery videos, they can all sell very strongly with the right kind of marketing.


In the last couple of years, Youtube has grown phenomenally as an advertising segment. Perhaps, even on par with everyday television. The greatest thing about the video sharing platform, is that rather than investing on marketing to a general audience, companies are allowed to show off their products and services to specific individuals who are highly likely to buy them. The way it works is fairly simple, you make videos about your interests or passions, anything from, food, fitness, sports, fashion, or cars, the list is endless. Not only does this result in the growth of you as a personality and make you popular, you make heaps of money at the same time. Sponsorships and deals that are the result of this popularity can also aid you phenomenally. In the era where technology is the cornerstone and the world is ever so digital, Youtube is your best and most versatile way of making money at home.

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