Kitchen Renovation Sample Deal

Kitchen area Renovation Sample Deal
Sample kitchen renovation agreement ready by Contractor Prices

Contractor Information and facts:

Business Title: ___________________________________________

Address: __________________________________________________


Phone: (_____) – ______-________________

Mobile:     (_____)-_______-________________

E-mail: _______________________________

Decades in Company :___________ years

Coverage Business: _________________________________________

Coverage # : __________________________________________________

Does your coverage protect injury and theft of materials on site? Y / N

Are your Subcontractors insured? Y / N , Not Positive

Reference one:   Title: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference two:    Title: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

Reference three:    Title: ____________________________________

Phone: ____________________________________

What date can you start our kitchen renovation task?         Start Date:______________

How prolonged will the kitchen renovation consider to finish completed? Date :_______________

Will detailed paperwork be delivered stating your warranty for the kitchen renovation task?   Y / N

Subcontractor Information and facts

Please deliver the firm names and mobile phone figures of all subcontractors you plan to use on our basement renovation task.

Framer:  _____________________________________________________

Electrician: ___________________________________________________

Plumber: _____________________________________________________

Heating Cooling: _______________________________________________

Drywall: ______________________________________________________

Painting: ______________________________________________________

Flooring: ______________________________________________________

Kitchen area Cabinets: _______________________________________________

Countertop: ____________________________________________________

Other: ____________________________________________________

Other: ____________________________________________________

Other: ____________________________________________________

Will your firm hire and be dependable for paying out your subcontractors and suppliers? Y / N

Kitchen area Renovation Concepts Specifics

Have detailed drawings been delivered and authorized?  Y / N

Will the Contractor be dependable for permits and inspections? Y / N

Will the Contractor take away all demolition product from the property? Y / N

How generally will the get the job done site be broom swept? ________________________

What sort of product is currently being utilised for the kitchen cabinet doors? __________________

What sort of product is currently being utilised for the kitchen cabinet packing containers? __________________

What model identify and design of hinges are currently being utilised? ____________________________

What model identify and design of handles / knobs are currently being utilised? _____________________

What is the quoted funds for the kitchen countertop $ _____________

Is there a desired firm we want to select the countertop from? Y / N ____________________________________

Has the sink been selected so that dimensional data can be delivered? Y / N

Has the kitchen faucet’s been selected for the sink?  Y/ N

Will a non permanent countertop, sink and faucet be installed in the home to make a purposeful kitchen until the renovation has been finish? Y / N

Mechanical and kitchen plumbing functions of the kitchen renovation

If you can find new appliances and lighting, will the existing provider panel aid these additions? Y / N     
if no, are the electrical updates provided in the quotation? Y / N

Will all kitchen electrical fixtures, retailers and switches be on GFCI  Circuit breakers? Y / N

What is the Price range for lighting fixtures? __________________________

Is there a desired firm to invest in the lighting fixtures from? Y /N
If sure, firm identify _____________________________________

Are the appliances switching? Y / N 
If sure, have the new helps make and types been delivered to the cabinet makers to be certain the appliances fit effectively immediately after the cupboards and flooring have been installed.

Are there any distinctive options that are provided and want to be picked out prior to continuing with the kitchen renovation i.e  Central Vacuum, base boards, rubbish disposal? Y / N
If sure, be sure to deliver specifics. ________________________________________________________________________

Is there any new plumbing demanded, such as the moving of sinks and dish washers? Y / N

Kitchen area Inside Finishing

Will the interior partitions affected by the kitchen renovation be primed and painted? Y / N

Have paint colours been picked out and authorized by the home-owner? Y/ N

Is there any trim get the job done provided in the quotation? Y / N

If sure, be sure to condition the product of trim currently being utilised alongside with the range of windows, doorways, crown molding and baseboard provided in quotation.
Case molding _________________________ ft
Crown molding ________________________ft
Base board ___________________________ft
Chair Rail ___________________________ft

What is the quoted funds for the flooring product ? _____________________________

Is there a desired provider to select the flooring from? Y / N

If sure, the firm identify is _______________________________________________

How a lot square ft of flooring is currently being installed? ___________________sqft

Will there be a new subfloor installed prior to setting up the flooring? Y / N

If no, deliver specifics _____________________________________________________

Payment Ideas

How do you want the home-owner existing any improvements to their programs to you during the  kitchen renovation if they would like to do something various?

Substance Charge $ ___________________
Labor Cost     $ ___________________
TOTAL         $ ___________________

Deposit demanded on signing of agreement _______________________

Payment Timetable

Payment one: ____________________________ Sum $ _________________________
Payment two:_____________________________Sum $ _________________________
Payment three: ____________________________ Sum $_________________________
Payment four:_____________________________Sum $_________________________

The home-owner of this task does not would like to be the lender on this task and as a consequence, an too much deposit or a seriously entrance loaded payment schedule
will consequence in the rejection of this proposal. Soon after the first deposit if any at all, the home-owner expects to pay back no extra than the product and labor invested for a
satisfactory of executed get the job done, withholding last payment until all specialist and personal inspections have been finished.



This doc is delivered by Contractor Prices as a guide and the use of this doc should really be as this sort of. It is encouraged that you have this viewed by a law firm to be certain that the doc covers your home renovation and property in full. Contractor Prices is not dependable for any loss or damages as a consequence of working with this doc