Is A DIY Window Installation Possible?

Once you find out that window installation is an expensive thing you start thinking about alternatives. The first thing that comes to mind is – I’m going to set them up by myself. However, windows are not an Ikea table that is easy to assemble. It’s a complex task with a lot of issues that you’ll have to learn about and solve. See this article to understand more of what we’ll talk about here.

In this article, we’ll guide you step by step in order to give you an inside of how to change the windows on your own. Remember that this is a complex job and you should take it very seriously. Read on and learn more about it step by step!

Take out the old windows.

First thing you must do is take out the old windows, right? Use the proper tools to take the frames out the screws and put them aside. Then, use a hammer and everything that is needed to take the case out of the walls too.

Clear the area

Once the old window is out, the condition of the opening is probably poor. It doesn’t matter how much attention you gave it while taking it out, it surely is a mess. Clean it up. Make sure the jamb and the stop are well positioned and cleaned from dirt, debris, or other parts that might be tree service moore problematic.

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Just before you install the new frames, make good measurements. Sometimes the numbers look good on both the new window and the opening in the wall but when you try to place them, you’ll see that just an inch is giving you a huge problem somewhere. Give it another look before you get up and hold that heavy window frame.

Put the silicone

If you removed all the issues, now you’re ready to actually place the new window in its place. To do this you need to put silicone on the window stop. Gently add a line bead of silicone on the center and down the line of the stop. This is the place where the frame will fit in. See the many good sides of silicone here:

Place the window

Once you finished the silicone, just take the window and place it inside the opening. The silicone and the stop will hold it in place. Align all angles and side perfectly because once the silicone cools out, there’s no moving. Everything you’re about to do must be done right away. Make sure it fits perfectly and everything is in order. If there are some places that are not perfect, and you’ll see this by placing a level on top of it, you should place small wooden planks to level it up.

Don’t forget the screws

You’ll notice that there are two openings on the frames on the different sides. You need to put two screws inside. The one goes on the top side and the other on the opposite bottom side. They are the securing part of it.


There’s a big chance some places have bigger holes than you expected. Don’t worry, this is not a catastrophe but an opportunity to insulate your windows. Use insulation foam and spray it in the openings until it’s completely filled. It will keep your room better insulated from both cold and hot weather.


In the end, it’s time for decorating. Choose extension jambs or trims that you like. The installation of these is pretty simple. Using a screwdriver you add a few screws on every angle and a few more by your taste if you think those won’t hold. You end with having a completely new window and beautiful extension jambs.


As you can see, window change or remplacement de thermos as Quebec citizens call it, is simple, but you still need to be skilled for it and have the proper tools. If you think you can’t do it on your own, there are always professional companies doing this for you.

However, maybe the best option is to get new frames and try for yourself. If you think it’s too complex for you, then call the pros. Not everyone has the talent to be a handyman and that’s exactly why professional exists.