Types of Relocation Companies

Moving industry is blooming, because several thousand people from all over the world are moving every day. Changing the place of residence is not easy, and often requires the engagement of professionals. In order to not waste money, people often ask friends and family for help, but they can’t rely entirely on them.

If you have kids, here’s how you can include them and ease your moving:


If you are not handy with packing and carrying stuff, it is best to seek professional assistance from moving companies. Depending on the needs, but also on the moving location (within the state, across the border or even a continent), relocation companies offer different services to facilitate the relocation of their clients.

Moving Companies Providing a Full Service

Changing the place of residence is not easy. Many people don’t want to deal with moving, as it can waste their time and energy. They are ready to pay for a full moving service, so they do not have to do absolutely anything (except perhaps packing a handbag).

The full-service moving agency will do absolutely every moving job to do for you. However, this type of company is not just a simple solution for lazy people. It can also serve for those who have no time to involve in the moving process. This kind of relocation company usually has the highest prices, but most people are willing to pay.

What Full-Service Companies Offer

By ‘everything,’ full-service moving companies think of every job related to packing your stuff, their transportation and unpacking. You can also hire movers in disassembly and assembly of furniture, protecting your valuable things, loading, and unloading.

One of the essential parts of the moving is the purchase of packing and protective materials. If you don’t want to deal with boxes, tape, stretch (and what else would you need if you’re going to pack on your own, check here) and all the mess, these companies will offer their own packaging material.

You can even buy or rent some of their storage containers of all sizes in which you can put your stuff until the date of leaving. Also, cleaning after packing is a nightmare for most people. Professional movers will do that instead of you, but that will cost you some extra money.

Self-Service Moving Company

This type of relocation company offers significant assistance when moving, but they provide fewer services than full-service moving agencies. Their primary function is the transportation of your stuff to the destination; everything else is up to you. Truck drivers from these companies have the experience of driving through various areas, through traffic jams and narrow streets.

If you make a deal with the agency, professional movers can load and unload your stuff. But if you want to save your money and pay just for the things you can’t do, you’ll disassemble, pack and unpack household items all by yourself. And let’s face it; packing is not the funniest part of the moving.

Renting a Storage Container

Some self-service companies rent containers for moving. You can choose the size that you need, put it in the yard and slowly start packing things. When the departure day comes, the movers will only load and unload packed container on the truck, and you’re ready to go. This is a good option when you have more time so you can organize your move.

Moving Company for Specific Cases

Depending on the area you live, moving companies for relocation in USA offer all kinds of service and assistance. Companies and people don’t move just their household items, but some valuable stuff too. These are a bit more delicate and require more careful handling. So there are moving companies that specialize in transport exercise equipment, lab facilities, IT equipment and devices, confidential documents and so on.

As for the ‘ordinary’ people, they can ask for moving their high-value stuff, antique furniture, safes, and music instruments. Each of these items requires a particular way of packaging, protection, and transport. Also, given their value, specialized moving companies must guarantee for things they transport. In such cases, it is always a better option to buy moving insurance. Sometimes, this item is part of your home insurance, but you should definitely talk about that with your insurance agent.

Be Careful in Choosing Moving Company

When you plan moving well, it’s a small chance that some unexpected costs will occur. Consider that prices may vary depending on how many movers you hire, the location where you are moving, but also what service moving company provides you. On this page, find out useful things to remember before hiring a relocation company.

First, investigate the company you want to hire. On the Internet today you can find almost everything you are interested in. With a bit of knowledge and will, you can dig up useful information, reviews and experiences of previous users. Also, on the website of movers association, you can check whether the desired company has a work license.

Don’t Pay in Advance

The advice is that you never pay for the service entirely in advance, regardless of the reputation of a moving company. Many people are deceived, in some way, by moving companies, or they were not happy with the service. You should pay one part in advance, but no legitimate moving agency will ask for the full amount before they move your stuff. Pay the rest when your things arrive at the destination.

Make an inventory list before transportation of your household items. If there were any damage, write them down. So you can have an insight into the damage done during transport, but also if some things get lost during the journey.

The choice of a relocation company depends mostly on your financial possibilities, but also on the time you have and your will to participate in the moving process. If you’re not good at organizing, leave it to the experts. You may spend more than you planned, but your moving will go according to plan.