4 Easy Ways To Extend The Lifespan Of Residential Garage Doors

High-quality garage doors both beautify the home and protect it. More importantly, these systems make the property interior accessible to residents who simply want to drive in. When things go awry with garage doors, building security, access, and aesthetics are lost. Fortunately, there are four easy ways for homeowners to extend the lifespan of these investments, and to ensure their continued functionality.

Keep The Door Tracks Free And Clear Of Debris

The tracks that line both sides of the door should be regularly checked for signs of rust and accumulated debris. This is especially important to do if there are any moisture issues at or around this entrance, or if the garage happens to see a very large amount of daily traffic. You can also check to ensure that the tracks remain plumb by using a level. When door tracks are not perfectly vertical, balance issues can occur, and many of the system’s most important components can suffer undue wear and tear. Keep in mind, however, that any major adjustments or replacements across any part of this system should always be handled by professional services for garage door repair in Austin.

Regularly Tighten The Door Hardware

Most garage doors get opened and closed countless times throughout the year. The resulting vibrations and movements often loosen the tracks and door hardware. To keep initially minor issues from spiraling out of control, routinely inspect the brackets that mount the tracks to the garage ceiling and wall. You should also inspect any fasteners that have been used to connect the opener unit to the rough framing. Loose bolts can be quickly tightened with a simple socket wrench to prevent further issues.

Schedule Seasonal Garage Maintenance And Inspections

In addition to regularly inspecting and grooming your door on your own, you should schedule seasonal maintenance and inspections at least one to two times each year. Companies like Austin’s Greater Garage Doors don’t just install new doors and door opener equipment; they can also inspect, maintain, and fix any system that’s already been put in. Moreover, regularly scheduling appointments like these can shave significant sums of money off of your ongoing repair costs.

Look And Listen For Signs Of Mounting Problems

Perhaps the easiest way to keep major problems at bay and to extend the lifespan of this important equipment is by simply looking and listening for the signs of impending issues. This door should open and close smoothly, and without making any jarring or suspicious sounds. The two sides of the entire setup should always look symmetrical. If issues are spotted in any of these area, a reputable garage door repair service should be contacted right away.