How T Mature Lettuce for Enjoyment and Gain


Lettuce is a perennial most loved in the kitchen as a salad dish or as vegetable in lumpia and other dishes. 

The versatility of lettuce has captured the creativeness of housewives, hence the good desire for it. But the provide of lettuce is limited, and this is how you can expand lettuce to gain you some added cash flow and provide your kitchen needs of chemical no cost and contemporary vegetables. 

Though lettuce expand in amazing and significant sites, it yields to inexperienced thumbs and correct management. By adhering to the proper cultural procedures, lettuce can be grown whenever of the 12 months and wherever in your yard or any vacant place in your home.

4 forms of lettuce grown locally 

Of the four forms of lettuce (head, leaf, romaine, and asparagus) only head and leaf forms are the kinds in desire. The head sort types a head-like cabbage while the leaf develops only loose leaves. 

Finest soil for lettuce 

Lettuce adapts very well to any type of soil, from clay loam to sandy loam forms, which won’t be able to be reported of any other vegetable. Nevertheless, it is great to plant lettuce on fertile loam soil with a good deal of organic and natural mater. If your soil is bad, fertilize it by introducing animal manure or compost. 

If you want to plant lettuce throughout the heat months, you will have to plant them on major soil, because major soil have much better moisture retention and hence are cooler. In the course of the amazing season, it is best to expand lettuce on light-weight soils. Clay soil, even though tough to function on, makes an outstanding crop. 

Previous reminder, is to plant lettuce on soil that is very well-drained and holds just ample h2o. To be harmless from h2o logging, make a lifted beds or plots to have a excellent drainage. 

Finest Weather for lettuce 

Lettuce thrives best where the soil and air are reasonably amazing. The head and leaf forms differ fairly in their temperature needs. Ordinarily, the head sort is best grown throughout the amazing months (Oct-February, Philippine affliction). But it can be grown throughout other months with correct treatment or planted in inexperienced household. 

When grown in season, the head sort lettuce develops a massive and major head but not always so when grown off-season. 

The leaf sort, grows more successfully all 12 months round. Nevertheless, it develops much better if grown throughout the amazing months when the rain is average and the soil holds just ample h2o. 

Planning the land for planting 

Planning the land for lettuce can be accomplished both by the plot or by the mattress-and-furrow process. If you’re developing lettuce on a compact scale and your drainage is bad, you can  use the plot process. 

Normally, use the mattress-and-furrow process. Whichever observe you abide by, nonetheless, you will have to get ready the soil correctly. 

Planning the plot. 

When lettuce is to be grown  on lifted plots, cultivate and pulverize the soil correctly. Make every single plot eighty cm broad and ten cm significant. Degree every single plot thoroughly and crack all the big clods on the surfaces. It is really tough to do excellent seeding on cloddy soil. 

Planning the beds and furrows. 

Plow the soil and harrow the land a number of situations till the soil particles grow to be fantastic. Make the furrows and beds with the plow at an interval of sixty cm between furrows. 

You have to make your furrows in an East-West orientation. This is to offer the vegetation equal distribution of sunlight throughout its developing stage. 

You could choose to make both a single or two rows on a mattress. If you come to a decision on double rows, offer 45 cm place between rows and plant the seedlings alternately (triangular vogue), not right reverse every single other. 

In mattress-and-furrow process, it is effortless to irrigate and drain because it is lifted. Also, the place between the rows offers the vegetation a good deal of air and room for you to transfer about when tending the vegetation. 

Plant Nourishment 

Lettuce is a bad food absorber mainly because of its compact root process. It can only use the nutrition in the reaches of its roots. 

Consequently, it is practical for you to provide the area soil with enough food nutrition. In advance of planting, you have to blend manure or compost merged with industrial fertilizer in the plots. 

This strategy need to be adopted by up to the developing period. 

Software of the basal fertilizer is accomplished at the rate of a single handful compost and a single tablespoon of full fertilizer (12-12-12 or 12-24-12) for every hill. Go over the fertilizer with soil just before planting. 

Drench with Urea or Ammonium Sulfate each individual 7 days throughout its developing period at the rate of 75 gm/16 L of h2o- 1st 7 days, one hundred fifty gm/16 L h2o- 2nd 7 days, and 225 gm/16 L h2o- 3rd 7 days). 

Planting Approach 

You can plant lettuce in two ways:  immediate seeding and transplanting approaches. Immediate seeding is generally practiced when you’re increasing lettuce on a massive scale creation while transplanting strategy is practical to use in a compact scale increasing. 

Techniques in immediate approaches. 

  • Sow five to ten seeds for every hill at a distance of twenty five X thirty cm aside. 
  • Or drill the seeds thinly in the furrow. 
  • Go over the seeds with fantastic soil to insure germination. 
  • Drinking water the seeds soon after sowing if the temperature is dry. 
  • As shortly as the seedlings are 3 cm significant or have developed two pairs of leaves every single, thin them to twenty five – thirty cm aside in the row, leaving only a single plant in a hill. 
  • You should not hold off the thinning as overcrowding will give you thin and weak vegetation. 
  • You could transplant seedlings thinned or eliminated in the thinning to other beds or plots even though they could not transform out as excellent as the vegetation still left on the hill. 

Observe: You are going to want about four hundred grams of seeds to plant a hectare. 

Techniques in transplanting strategy 

  • Sow a single seed each  on the gap of the germinating tray a single thirty day period just before transplanting. 
  • If you lifted the seedling in a seedbed or seed box transfer them to the field when they are five to 8 cm tall at a distance of twenty five to thirty cm aside. 
  • See to it that the soil is saved intact in the roots when pulling the seedlings and transferring to the field. 
  • Drinking water the vegetation immediately soon after transplanting if the temperature is heat and dry. 

Plant Management 

Drinking water Management 

Drinking water the plant as often as important primarily where it does not rain often. Dampness is all crucial to lettuce for expansion. In the course of the dry season, h2o them twice a 7 days and weekly as the vegetation expand more mature. When the vegetation overcrowd, thin them as proposed previously. 


Setting up plastic mulch to your plots offers some advantages and cuts down further price in weeding which eats-up your routine maintenance in your back garden. 

Positive aspects of plastic mulch. 

  • Controls weeds expansion.
  • Retains soil moisture
  • Prevents soil erosion
  • Prevents soil leaching
  • Delivers soil aeration
  • Insect repellant
  • Prevents or restrict the probable virus assault or infection. 

Techniques in Plastic Mulch Installation 

  • Excavate both equally ends part of the plot with the use of a shovel or spade.
  • Lay the finish part of the plastic mulch and include with the excavated soil.
  • Compact the soil by stepping it on to maintain the plastic mulch in put.
  • Insert a straight pole within the plastic mulch just ample that two human being can maintain at both equally ends.
  • With two persons holding both equally finish of the plastic mulch gradually lay on leading to include up to the plot finish.
  • Reserve a single meter allowance just before achieving the plot finish.
  • Stretch the plastic mulch to attain the plot end  extending up to the excavated part.
  • Go over with the excavated soil very similar to the other plot finish.
  • Minimize the plastic mulch at the finish of the included part.
  • Fasten both equally sides of the plastic mulch with a six inches tie wire or bamboo slots at two feet distance between fastener.
  • Fasten in a diagonal position masking up to the plot finish.
  • Make holes on the plastic mulch in a triangle vogue employing an empty sharp-edge big sardines can or tin can with heated charcoal.  A string is also laid to make the holes straight.
  • The distance of the holes will fluctuate according to the preferred distant of planting for certain crop. 

Pest and Disorder Control 

Management and manage of Insect pests 

Some widespread insect pests of lettuce are: Aphids, flea beetle, cabbage moth and grasshopper. These pests can be managed by mechanical, cultural, actual physical approaches, and chemical as the very last recourse. 

Controlling by mechanical, cultural and actual physical methods 

Pest manage of these approaches can be executed by the adhering to treatments: 

  • Use of resistant types. You have to choose types that resists the pests. Purchase the seeds only from responsible source.
  • Sanitation. The field need to be clear from any squander resources, primarily lower grasses or current grasses which could host some damaging pests.
  • Crop rotation. You have to observe crop rotation in your gardening pursuits. This strategy, cuts down the accumulation of pests in the location because  each individual crop has its certain pests. Rotating your crops would minimize pests infestation.
  • Crop diversification. Crop diversification is the planting of various crops in a single put. This strategy is advantageous to you because if a single crop is infested, you still have a different vegetation to get well your looses.
  • Weed manage. Weed manage and sanitation have the same goal but differs in its functionality. When your field is no cost from weeds the occurrence of pests infestation would be lean.
  • Proper timing of planting (Synchronize). You have to plant lettuce in its correct season of cropping. Even though you can plant off-season when the needs so required, correct timing is important to prevent pest assault.
  • Use of attractants. Attractants are hormones with chemicals positioned in the vegetation population that appeals to pests. At the time the pests are captivated to the chemicals they are poisoned.
  • Use of aromatic herbs and insect repellants.
  • Smudging.
  • Use of plastic mulch.
  • Traps. Minimize G.I. sheets one x two ft broad paint with yellow coloration put in between the rows and varnish with applied oil or any paste to attract pests
  • Baits.
  • Use of actual physical boundaries.
  • Experienced buying.
  • Broader spacing. 

Controlling by the use of botanical pesticides 

  • Atis.
  • Chrysanthemum. Powdered dry flower evaluate 4 tablespoon blend with one gallon h2o, cleaning soap powder and crushed scorching pepper advert spray right to aphids, red ants, and bugs.
  • Cucumber.
  • Derris root (Tubli)
  • Tuba-tuba (Jathropa)
  • Lagundi.
  • Lanzones.
  • Makahiya.
  • Neem seeds.
  • Papaya.
  • Tobacco.
  • Herba Maria.
  • Lubigan.
  • Sangig.
  • Sudo-sudo.
  • Purple Pepper.
  • Fragrant herbs.
  • Soap + kerosene + h2o spray.
  • Panyawan.
  • Takyubong.flower.
  • Herba Buena de Amo.
  • Tigao.
  • White flower leaves (cook dinner as decoction)
  • Acapulco (Sunting) 

Controlling Disorders of Lettuce 

The most damaging illnesses that infest lettuce and brings about major injury are the adhering to: 

  • Lettuce drop.
  • Base rot.
  • Grey mildew rot.
  • Brown light-weight. Downy mildew. Cercospora leaf location.  

Most of these illnesses are tough to manage and some won’t be able to be managed at all. The only treatment to manage the assault of these illnesses are: 

  • Avoid getting your vegetation beneath h2o.
  • Verify the expansion of weeds as shortly as they surface.
  • Avoid hurting the vegetation as you go about tending them.
  • Regulate insect pests instantly.
  • Follow crop rotation. Modify your crop each individual other cropping season. 

Harvesting and Packing 

The time to harvest lettuce is dependent upon the sort and wide variety and goal in increasing them. 

It is really best to hold out and harvest lettuce of any sort grown fro marketplace applications when they are absolutely developed. A absolutely developed head sort makes a head-like cabbage while the leaf sort develops numerous broad leaves. 

Harvest lettuce for marketplace in the afternoon. Minimize the plant at the foundation with a sharp knife. Following harvesting, leave the vegetation in the open at night time and pack them early the future morning. 

Trim to clear away the dirty and diseased leaves just before packing to enhance the marketplace worth of your solution. 

If it is only for home use, you could harvest when the plant is massive ample for use. The widespread observe, nonetheless, is to thin the plots at various situations, removing the greatest kinds for use and leaving the compact kinds to acquire. This observe insures your desk with a ongoing provide for a extensive time. 

For Your Offer of Seeds 

If you intend to have your have provide of seeds, you can make them proper in your back garden. You want not to obtain seed for your future planting if you can expect to raise your have stock. 

All you have to do is choose the vegetation in your current plant population and stake the best vegetation. Consider treatment of them till they mature and develops seed stalks. 

It normally takes from 3 ½ to 4 months from planting for the seeds to mature. Collect the pods when they are pretty much dry. 

Pick out only the healthiest seeds from the plots. Spread out the seeds on a winnower or any broad open instrument, and dry them beneath the sunlight or in heat put. 

Storing the Seeds 

Set the seeds and incorporate a compact sum of 50% DDT powder in a bottle and shake. Then place the seeds in paper envelops. 

Retail outlet the seed envelops in included jar. But 1st, fill a single-fourth of the jar with dry crashed wooden charcoal or ashes. Set a cardboard flooring just higher than the charcoal or ashes. 

Then lay the seed envelops on leading of it. Close the jar tightly, label it and retail outlet in the coolest put probable. Seeds stored in this strategy at room temperature will hold for a 12 months or more. 


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