Flat Pack Kitchen Units For Sale

What Is A Flat Pack Kitchen?

From corner units to maximise space, to drawers for easier access to items and base units to keep essentials close to hand, our flat-pack collection offers plenty of options to help you create a bespoke layout. For landlords who are looking to furnish their properties in a cost-effective and stylish way, flat-pack cupboards are a good option.


We are passionate about flat packs and are always striving to stay a market leader in our field. Customise your office space to suit your exact need with a range of cabinets that make up typical office from base cabinets to storage cabinets and upper open shelving cabinets. We manufacture an extensive range of custom sized wardrobes with hinged doors or sliding doors made to fit your exact space or needs.

Flat Pack Kitchen

What Are Flat-pack Cabinets?

You are able to specify your own Height, Width and Depth (yes all three) sizes and all to the exact millimeter – Perfect sized and perfect fitting cabinets. Smart cabinets are a range of cabinets with the ability to specify your own custom height, Flat Pack Kitchens Zillmere width and depth and have a range of options to customise the cabinet to best suit your needs. We are an Australian wide supplier of exceptional custom quality flat pack Australian cabinetry.

Our custom flat-pack kitchen cabinet range makes up any kitchen design using base cabinets, wall oven cabinets and upper open shelving cabinets – all to your specifications. You may have the kind of space that only works one way, if so you may need to consider custom flat pack kitchen – one size may not fit all in this case. If your space is difficult to work with or you cant find what youre looking for there are a range of cost effective options available. eBay have kitchen, dining and bar accessories or complete kitchen options that may be more up your alley. Whether you’ve been inspired by The Block and are putting in a whole new kitchen or just giving your existing space a makeover, we can supply everything you’ll need for your new kitchen cabinets and storage.