ElectricityMatch.com Assesses Electricity Rates Under New Administration


COLLEYVILLE, Texas — Every Presidential transition entails plenty of changes, with effects rippling far and wide through the nation’s economy. With a new President in the White House, ElectricityMatch.com has just issued a new report highlighting what consumers and businesses can expect to happen with electricity prices.

Available now at the new paper details how proposed and possible future policies governing renewable energy, coal, and natural gas are likely to affect the cost of electricity. By making it simple to find the best electricity supplier and plan in Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, or New York, ElectricityMatch.com helps visitors save money every month. The assessments in the site’s new report therefore come from a highly informed place and will be helpful for many readers.

“While electricity prices have been fairly stable and low in many markets for some time, just about any Presidential transition has the potential to shake things up,” said ElectricityMatch.com analyst Charles Hewitt, “In our new report at we’ve taken a look at how likely future developments could affect the electricity rates of consumers and businesses. While plenty of uncertainty remains, we believe that electricity prices will remain near historic lows on the back of strong natural gas supply and low fuel transportation costs. While the solar boom could slow, we don’t see any setbacks in this area outweighing the strength of gas-fueled electricity generation.”

The Federal government’s Depression-era Public Utilities Holding Company Act paved the way for the highly regulated energy markets that prevailed in the United States for decades thereafter. Finally, beginning in the early 1990s, various states began experimenting with deregulation, a movement that is still ongoing. Today, consumers and businesses in a number of states are allowed to choose among electricity and other energy providers, with market-based competition helping to keep prices down and service commitments high.

ElectricityMatch.com is a top online destination for those looking into their options. Covering the deregulated states of Texas, Connecticut, Massachusetts, and New York, the site makes it simple to compare providers and plans and sign up for service. By delivering all the relevant information in a jargon-free, easy-to-read format, ElectricityMatch.com lends clarity to what some otherwise find to be a confusing process.

The site’s new report at does the same for likely future electricity rates under the new Presidential administration. Broken down by style of electricity generation, from solar to coal- and gas-fired, the new report delves into how particular policies and developments could influence future prices. Visitors to ElectricityMatch.com can read the new report and many other helpful resources now. The can also compare electricity providers and plans for Dallas, Houston, Boston, New York, and elsewhere in Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, and Texas.

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Providing an easy way to shop and sign up for competitive electricity service, ElectricityMatch.com delivers all the most important information in a clear, easy-to-read format that saves time and effort for visitors.

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