Eco-welcoming and Land Use of Policy Problems on Floriculture in J&k


Agricultural Output has entered new era of competitive-reduced-charge output oriented company. The charge-benefit ratio make your mind up the manner of Farming. International marketing needs some fees at base degree. Farmers have to be charge mindful and need to have new procedures of mixing numerous farming selection like Agriculture, Horticulture, Livestock husbandry and Floriculture pursuits. A new model for incorporating all these fields in a co-welcoming manner is reviewed.

Agricultural research and advancement in present millinium has assumed world-wide possible. Our farm productive procedures revolve all around new themes as :

A lot more economic Agri-Output farming instead than increased output.

A lot more sustainable and eco-welcoming Farming instead than what was chemical warfare Farming of yester years.

Thus new concerns are:

Eco-welcoming land use. This advocates blended farming ,

i.e a merge of :







and allied farming sectors. Farming akin to land and agro-climatic situations. Farming with minimal pressures on h2o, land and environment of the area. This is why floriculture is significant.


Correct blended technology in tune with pure resources. An agricultural mission for productive Source administration, bridging hole among present farm yield and opportunity Farm yield. Use of bio-technology and bio-informatics for identification of economically viable cropping options and combinations. We really should speak of Eco-conducive-germplasm-base rather of high productive – germplasm, uncompetable to our pure resources.

Economic Farming signifies charge effective use of

Soil, H2o resources, Without air/h2o air pollution

It would sustain productiveness of pure resources, crop rotation and built-in use of plant nutrients, may far too be accommodated in cropping ventures. The chemical fertilizers are to be changed by use of agricultural squander supplies, Plant residues, Dal weeds, remaining out supplies, put up harvest wastes, eco-friendly manure, rainy time weeds or considerable vegetation, eco-friendly weeds, metropolis drains, human excreta, animal manure, forest wastes, agriculture remaining out substances, bio-mass, bio-fertilizers, stall wastes & even pigeon beats and so forth.

Nutrient biking technique has to be evolved by Investigation of each individual agro-climatic zone lands. The built-in nutrient administration technique, has to be evolved.

A new, refined, Govt-agri policy is necessary. New Institution support technique, fantastic marketing networks are to be proposed. For productive land use we should wed conventional knowledge with enhanced technology, farmers training and lucrative endproducts. This would plead for:

Use of information and facts technology to raise profits from overall farming cropping, animal aquaculture and so forth. Investigation of readily available information on processing, output and its documentation for use in venture preparation, policy formulation is a simple requirement. A new sensitive laboratory facility is envisioned for enter and output excellent assessment.

Agriculture of currently does not necessarily mean additional output at environment charge but productive and economic output, in just environmental safeguards.

Our 65% population work base is agriculture & its allied sectors like livestock and so forth. The needs are:

Foodstuff and environment safety

Employment technology

Economic and asthelic taste.

We are in a stage of cultural and economic transit. This transformation Approach provides,

New livelihood options,

New output & utilization technique

Transformed everyday living kinds & cultural behavior

I do not know how quite a few of us know about USDA’s countrywide Arboretum of Washington DC A 444 acre arboretum now has dropped pesticide use by 75% all through 1992-ninety six. They simply call it new land scope pest Management (NL PM).

It was basic location spraying i.e spray proper where by it is necessary, i.e on diseased twig or department or plant and only if it is necessary.

This change from blanket spraying to chosen sprays saved 75% of pesticide charge, other preserving were via lowered labour charge and eco-threat things. We need to have safe equipments and labour wellness monitoring and investigation of information.

Another area which need to have focus is use of fewer harmful pesticides. We simply call them bio-rational pesticides. They lowered charge by 12-32% and is composed of Horticulture oils insecticidal soaps ,insect development regulators and predators.

Organizing for fewer use of chemical pesticides is referred to as landscapes built-in pest administration. LIPM is diverse from IPM as garden has additional plants by species. Their age, wellness-differs from monocrops like paddy or maize and so forth.

In a landscape garden, little-hundreds of plant species exists in contrast to solitary species, quite a few plants in corn farm or paddy farm. Listed here in landscape one PM thrushold is aesthetic not economic. It is personnel and lovable flowers who need to have treatment. The interest keeper discomfort thrushold is concerned below yield or economic is on base line.

Listed here longevity of trouble is a worry and thing to consider like off time disease, cull plants are to be deemed. Listed here livelihood gardens are not concerned like nursery homeowners. Therefore, additional vigilant technique is to be employed like

Scouting, Consultants, Use of predators— 20-50 mites, Or eggs

Number of examples

Conifers have fewer pest trouble but additional administration is necessary via Scouting pruning, Removing, Alternative or Oil sprays launch of predatory mites. New floriculture introductions like Bonsai have Minimal-to-non-existant threshold for the reason that they live underneath stress so additional vulnerable to pest damage. Now other significant factors like medicinal plants need to have technological refinement and advancement. We have some species needing advancement like patris (Aconilum heterophyllen), Bazer bharg Hyocyamus negar, Kambai (Solanim nigrum), Datura (straminium spp.), Kahzaban – (Arenebia benthami), Bunafsha- (viola indica), Nunposh -(vodovata), Thethvan- (artemisia maritime), A.absinthuim Handh (Taraxacum afficinale), Koth (S.lappa) (Rhizoma) insect repeller , Isbandth (Peganim harmale), Kawdach (berberis lycuim cholera), wan wangun purgative (rhizone). Nunar (Portulaca oleraca) Lissa (chenopoduim botrys), sotsal (malva neglecta) sazaposh (alcea rosea). Another significant facet perfumes like kuth (sansurea lappa), rhizome (Ater salix aegyptiaca) male fower essence, gogal dhup (jurinea ceratocepra) (roots), kandij (morina longi folia), kasture (pedicularis breviflia), rhizomes (cyperus rotundus), are significant medicinal plants.

We speak of trainings for Information investigation, monitoring disaster, Management floods droughts. Use of remote sensing and International positioning technique is necessary. We in acquiring countries in future will have Industrial growth, economic safety. We need to have enhanced versions, their immediate propagation via biotechnological use.

This is where by we speak now of molecular farming, using biotechnology for additional transgenic flowers, commercial floriculture, modification of flower colors.

Floriculture extension needs:

Farmer’s qualified envisioning

Empowerment and possession

Assured and quick profits

What is need to have a package offer

Social profiling of

Issues, Area , Correct instruments and Feed back.

We need to have Investigation of Everyday living philosophy, Cosmic relationship, Cultural procedures

Moral Revitalization, Caring and sharing, RRL Released some. New versions of Bacopa mo “Celery” Apium spp.

A lot more scientific tests on Cercis siliguastrujm, Judas tree cutting is necessary.ICAR Horticulture Institute has 40 hybrids hippeastrum, 35 gerbera spp, 12 orchids, a hundred thirty Gladiolus, 4 Marigold and other lilium and so forth.

What have we completed besides some preliminary function on gladiolus software of development regulation on Rosa damascera.

We reported Utmost flowering output Flower bodyweight was additional.

Fox glove NPK scientific tests, 75 : 25: 25 kg/ha gave highest foliage. Gladiolus 100 : 50 : 50 kg/ha, Gave superior floral people.

Skill and knowledge are to be created and distribute, for additional Economic good results. We need to have to have propriatory and patent legal rights of our flowers, scents and species.

We need to have additional discoveries, writings, inventive staff, product designers.

New troubles in science are:

Patent producing (Haldi /Basmati). Research needs to include Farmers,

Market, Organization residences in patenting our products and solutions.

Produce information base for patent formulations.

We need to have alternative of top rated down organizing with gross root organizing. A lot more farmer’s participation lowered pitfalls losses, healthier environment.

Research in earlier centered on enhanced seeds, irrigation, chemical use. We witnessed eco-friendly revolution, independence from hunger, but harmed environment.

Extension has to be Initially ranking scientific persuit. Our polity really should be Impartial and self mindful farmers, with information of yearly balances, gains and losses, pitfalls and rewards


Bring self- reliant happy farmer qualified & Perfectly versed in Agri-small business.

I do not profess any revolution right away on floriculture sector in J&K but what is necessary at the second shall be gross-root and top rated down interaction i.e Farmer- scientist – area –farmer- interaction.

NGO – policy maker recognition which is what we have aimed by proposing training programmes in SAMETI.