Discover the Beauty and Function of Retractable Awnings

The retractable awnings Austin homeowners have available can instantly add beauty to your outdoor patio or deck area, but it also serves a functional purpose. These awnings will allow you to use your outdoor spaces for more days throughout the year, even of the weather is inclement or the sun is shining bright enough to heat it up.

A Decorative Touch

Retractable awnings are an attractive addition to your home’s exterior design. It is a wonderful way to add a pop of color to what may otherwise be a plain area. The fabrics used in their construction come in several patterns and colors. Choose solid colors in everything from light neutrals to bold primary colors. If you want something more interesting than one single color, consider stripes or one of the other patterns that combine two or more shades. Even the frames come in some beautiful options. White frames are a classic choice while a beige or clay frame will look amazing on a brick home as it blends in nicely with the mortar. Even a simple brown can be a beautifully complementary shade on the right house.

Perfect Shade

Constructing a roof to cover your outdoor spaces can be expensive, and once it is installed, you can no longer enjoy the sun on the cooler days. In addition to being an affordable option, one of the best things about a retractable awning is that you can allow the sun to shine down on you during those cooler spring and summer days when you enjoy feeling the warmth of the rays. Then on those days when the heat of the sun makes temperatures unbearable, you can pull it out over your patio or deck to keep you, your family, and guests comfortable.

Protection From the Rain

It isn’t just the heat of the sun that can ruin your outdoor plans. No one wants it to rain when they are having family and friends over for an outdoor barbecue, but the rain is always a possibility. You need to have a second plan ready to go when the weather turns sour. A retractable awning is the ideal solution. Extend the awning over your patio and deck to keep your guests dry and comfortable.

Once you add one of the beautiful retractable awnings Austin homeowners have available from businesses such as Shade Outdoor Living Solutions, you will be able to enjoy your patio or deck more often. Whether it rains or the sun heats things up, you won’t have to change your plans and head indoors for relief.