An Open and Shut Case for Maintaining Your Garage Door

A garage door is an amazing structural element. You may not think about that it folds and unfolds continually throughout its life, while somehow staying in balance and operating relatively quietly. While repairs and some maintenance should be left to experts, here are a few steps you can take to ensure your door functions well year after year.

Get Expert Advice

A garage door is actually a complex system of rollers, rails, weights, pulleys, chains and, sometimes, motor drives. Before you establish any care routines, have your entire unit inspected and maintained the first time by a service that can make necessary adjustments and fixes, such as garage door repair Fresno CA. Partner with them to establish guidelines for when to call them for remediation. Keep in mind, a malfunctioning garage door can pose a safety hazard.

Create a Smooth Operator

Once you are comfortable assessing your door’s condition, first check that it opens and closes fluidly. It should not jerk and shutter. Has the sound it generates changed so that you hear grinding or scraping? If you are able to perform very basic maintenance, tighten any bolts or screws you can safely reach, which might eliminate these noises.

Reduce Negative Friction Points

The unit’s moving parts should be lubricated at the start of each season. Use garage-door spray on the rollers and springs, and a heavy grease such as white lithium on any heavy-duty part, such as the main chain. Clear any debris from the tracks

Check Stop Procedures

If yours is an electric garage door, it must close and auto-reverse effectively, so test that function periodically. While the door is closing, wave your leg or a small board in front of the photocell sensors. If the safety system is mechanical, place the board under the door to determine that the door pulls back up when it makes contact.

A garage door handles a lot of stress while performing as a barrier to the elements. Wear-and-tear will take its toll, but you can keep your garage-door system on track by performing a few simple visual and maintenance routines.