Repairmen for Commercial Buildings

The key to being a good property manager is to stay organized. If you are on top of things and stay calm, you can handle anything your building may throw at you. One way to do this is to compile a list of repair people you can trust to take care of any issue your building may have. Use this handy guide to help you think through all the types of repair people you might need.


Almost all modern buildings have plumbing systems, and all plumbing systems need maintenance or service at some point. To ensure your building’s system runs properly, it’s best that you have a trustworthy plumber on-call that you know will provide the service you need at a price and on a timeline you can manage. Instead of a standard residential plumber, though, take care to hire a commercial plumber who can provide services like a plumbing smoke test to look for leaks that occur.


Your building cannot function properly without a good, sturdy roof. Hire a roofer so that when you notice a leak in the bathroom ceiling or a large windstorm blows off your shingles you are prepared to deal with the issue in a timely manner. A small leak is one thing, but if left for too long, disaster can strike.


Like with plumbing, almost every modern building needs electricity, especially if your building houses several businesses. A reliable electrician can help ensure your wiring is done properly and maintained well to help prevent any potential electrical fires or power outages. They can also help on the days when all of a sudden the power goes out for no reason. 

HVAC Specialist

Someone who specializes in HVAC repair can help rescue your building’s businesses from a climate fiasco. If your HVAC goes out, your building could very quickly turn into a hot desert, humid jungle, or frigid tundra. Not only could the people inside become uncomfortable, but you also run the risk of damaging the property inside of the building. Having a good HVAC repairman on hand can help prevent huge problems.

Elevator Specialist

A lesser-known specialist, someone who specializes in elevator repairs can be crucial to the successful management of your building. A standard electrician will likely not be able to assist you in repairing your elevator, so make sure you have someone who can actually help. Your building’s visitors will likely not enjoy having to walk up several flights of stairs because your elevators are broken-

To best maintain your commercial building, you should hire a team of repairmen, including those who specialize in plumbing, roofing, electricity, HVAC, and elevators.