How to Find the Perfect Vacation Home

If you’re sick of staying in hotels or Airbnb rentals, it’s time to consider buying a vacation home. This decision requires lots of thought because it’s difficult to reverse without losing money. As you and we bought an inherited house your spouse or partner look at different options, consider your preferences within these areas.

Outside the Country

Perhaps you don’t want to vacation in the United States anymore, and you’re ready for another country’s scenery. If you like the beach, research Mexico real estate for sale. If you prefer hiking to swimming, search for homes for sale in the Alps of Germany or France. Before you purchase property overseas, look up the relevant laws and find out whether you need to apply for a visa. Don’t forget to update your passport and have all your documents in order before you go to inspect a potential property.

Down by the Beach

If going to the beach is so different from your everyday life that you could never get sick of it, consider buying a house near the ocean. The US has two major coasts, but their beaches vary in temperature, size, and pollution level from area to area. Swimmers should stick to southern areas such as Florida and North Carolina, while people who like to take quiet walks or read near the water should explore options in Maine and Oregon. Before purchasing a beach house, research the history of floods in that area and find out what coverage your insurance company offers. You don’t want to buy a vacation home only to have a hurricane destroy it next summer. If you do choose property in a storm-prone area, buy sandbags, storm-proof shutters, and other protective equipment.

Off in the Mountains

While many people enjoy lying by the water, sand and saltwater aren’t appealing to everyone. If you like to see beautiful mountain vistas and explore quiet wilderness areas, buy property in the mountains. Many lots are for sale near major parks such as Shenandoah National Park. Be prepared to do more maintenance work on a mountain home than you would on a building near the beach. Also, remember that some remote areas do not have cell phone service, so you must find reliable ways to contact emergency services and loved ones while on vacation.

Everyone likes to vacation differently, so the search for a vacation home does not look the same for any two people. If you keep these general recommendations in mind, though, you can simplify your research.