Tips on How to Watch TV with Right and More Comfortable

Watching TV is already a habit even hobby most people to entertain and relieve fatigue. But as we all know that watching television for too long is not good because it can make the eyes become tired and can cause damage to the eyes.

Eyestrain due to watch TV for too long is often the case and does not require serious treatment. But it also can not be taken lightly because as mentioned earlier in the long run if it has become the habit of watching TV in the wrong way can actually damage the eyes, and also the position of the laying of the TV should correctly, use the Best TV wall mounts so that your TV can be attached in walls, so you can watch TV comfortably.

Here are tips on how to watch television that is good and right in order not to damage the eyes

  1. Set Visibility

Sitting too close to the television does not cause permanent damage to the eye. But it can cause eye strain and fatigue. It is therefore recommended that when someone watching tv for adjusting the viewing angle to watch TV from a distance of 5x wide diagonal TV screen. Suppose diagonal screen 21inch TV is the viewing distance for watching TV is 5x21inch ie 105inch. So the bigger the screen, the television diagonal closest viewing distance will be growing much. Visibility is greatly affected because it can make the eyes to relax and lens of the eye does not need to work hard to capture the image. Because if the lens works continuously it will be a convex lens of the eye that can cause damage to the eye.

  1. Adjust the position of the Body

At the time watching television what position you frequently use? Leaning? Or while sleeping? Do not get used to it because of an incorrect position can influence the position of the eyes do not focus toward the television so that it will damage the eye on the long term. So try not to be too long watching TV or lying on his side. You can anticipate a sitting position with the eyes parallel to the television.

  1. More Frequent Blinking

Do not get too hung up on the TV screen. The eyes are not blinking too long will make the eyelids become dry and not good for the eye itself. Occasional flashes do so keep the eyes clean and protected from dryness and irritation. When the eyes blink, the glands in the eyelid will produce tears which serves to protect the eyes.

  1. Set Lighting

Do not forget to adjust the lighting on the color settings of your TV screen. Watching television with a screen and vivid color quality and well also helps avoid the eyes become tired when you want to watch old tv. The way to handle it is also able to turn on the lights in the room so that pupils do not get too worked hard. Turn on the lights, this room could be the balance of light emitted from the TV and it is highly recommended.