Releases Two Best Of 2016 Lists


(Brea, CA)—, a blog dedicated to helping consumers find the best cleaning appliances on the market, has announced the release of two “best of 2016” lists. The website’s writers have evaluated, ranked, and compiled a list of the best steam mops as well as a list of the best tile steam cleaners. These lists have been created as part of the site’s ongoing efforts to educate consumers about steam and vacuum cleaners and help them make informed decisions before spending their hard-earned money. The lists are available for viewing at

Michael E. Wilson, a spokesperson for, stated “We are passionate about helping people create a clean home environment. Because steam works well for killing harmful bacteria and removing caked-on dirt and grime, we’ve decided to focus part of our efforts on assisting consumers in finding the best steam cleaners on the market. We know that not all of them are created equal. For that reason, we’ve released two ‘best of’ lists that we believe will provide consumers with the information they need to evaluate the available models and choose the one that will give them the most for their money.”

Both the Best Steam Mop and the Top Tile Steam Cleaner lists are broken down into several categories, some of which include best affordable appliance, best lightweight cleaner, and best overall steam mop or tile cleaner. For each category, the writers give the brand and model of the cleaner they have found to be the best as well as providing details on where to get it for a reasonable price. In addition to detailed reviews on steam cleaners, the blog also provides information about the best and most reliable vacuum and carpet cleaners at

As Wilson goes on to say, “With so many choices out there, we know it can be difficult for consumers to find options that are both high-quality and will meet the needs of their particular household. This is exactly why we’ve created With our help, we hope that readers will be able to avoid the time-consuming and costly trial and error process and get their purchase right the first time.”

Those who would like to learn more about the SteamCleanery blog or check out some of their other reviews can log on to

About aims to help those who are in need of a new vacuum cleaner, carpet cleaner, or steam cleaner, but aren’t quite sure where to start. The blog’s writers know that every cleaner that has a great sales pitch isn’t a great product, and they’re helping consumers avoid wasting their hard-earned money by providing them with in-depth reviews on the best home cleaning appliances. Consumers who follow their lead will find it easy to choose the most appropriate model and save money in the process.


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