Shower ideas for renovating the bathroom

After a very hectic day, all that anyone wants is a hot shower or a leisure time in their bathtub to wash all the stress and tiredness away. For that, they need a good enough shower system in their house or a bathtub. For truly getting the best experience, one should always take extra care purchasing the proper bathroom supplies in Parramatta and shower screens in Parramatta for the shower area. Here are some of the latest trends in the present times are:

  1.  Big Showers: As the name suggests, these are actually big. These have many different faucets from where water is ejected simultaneously to give a Jacuzzi type of experience in the shower. The stalls are spacious and have the best of bathroom supplies in Parramatta and shower screens in Parramatta to ensure the proper experience for its user. One can easily get the experience of a jet spa while standing in their own bathrooms. Moreover, these showers are quite spacious and provide comfort to easily move around.
  2. Walk-in showers: This is another new trend that homeowners are indulging themselves in presently. This type of shower is simple and has a more open design than the others. It uses minimal materials and simple design and does not need any shower screens in Parramatta. Still, it looks quite elegant and even makes the bathroom seem bigger than it actually is. The shower itself takes up very less space and with the open design; one does not need a bathtub. This accounts for quite some extra space in the bathroom to move around freely.
  3. Pebble Shower flooring: This is a new type of flooring being used in the household. According to bathroom designers, the numbers of house owners who are actually renovating their showers to have pebble floors have risen considerably in recent times. These pebbles are natural and thus more durable. This gives the flooring more longevity and also because of its slightly uneven but smooth surface, is quite a skid-resistant even with water fallen on it.
  4. Monotone shower walls: This is another new trend that is fast expanding. Previously, homeowners decorated their bathrooms with colourful shower walls but nowadays, they are changing it to monotone. The most commonly used tones are white and grey. This gives a very elegant look to the shower area.
  5. Rain type shower head: This is the most commonly used shower head in all households. Retailers say that this is the most purchased bathroom supplies in Parramatta out of all other products. These shower heads provide with a wide spray of water in the shower, which aims to cover more surface area of the body. The flow of water from these shower heads are quite smooth and fall very lightly in the body, like a soft rain shower. The only downside of this type of shower head is that it has much less water pressure than other showers. Though this is more relaxing and the water hits the body very lightly, there are a number of users who prefer more water pressure from their showers.