If Your Messy Home Is Driving You Nuts, You’ll Wish You Knew About These Clever Things Sooner

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It’s easy to let your house get a little messy here and there — especially with a packed schedule or busy work week. However, a cluttered home can often make it difficult to find the things you need when you need them, which can be stressful. If you’re too busy to give your space a thorough cleaning — or if you’re in the market for new, clever cleaning tools — this list can help.

Whether you have a packed closet, overflowing dresser drawers, or kitchen cabinets that are bursting at the hinges, fear not. Below, you’ll find 40 must-have items that are designed to fix your cleaning problems with ease. Perhaps more importantly, they’re also enthusiastically reviewed by thousands of Amazon users. So roll up those sleeves and get shopping.


These Highly Absorbent, Paper-Saving Dishcloths

If you’re looking to soak up messes without using tons of single-use paper towels, try these Swedish dishcloths. Made from cellulose and cotton, these cloths can absorb up to 20 times their own weight in liquid mess. Plus, when they’re dirty, you can simply toss them in the washer to clean.


A Double-Decker, Space-Saving Bathroom Organizer

Snag this two-tier organizer and make use of your cabinets’ unused vertical space. Each of the two baskets slides out like a drawer, allowing you to easily access your items. It also comes with perforated plastic dividers that can be moved around to better customize your organizational needs.


These Mats That Help Keep Your Oven Cleaner

Cut down on baked-on residue and grease stains with this two-pack of nonstick oven liners. Because they’re made of Teflon, messes slide right off, making them super easy to clean. They’re even BPA-free, so you can use them as a replacement for baking sheets, too.


The Labeled Storage Containers That Help Keep Your Food Fresh

If stale food is driving you nuts, try these airtight food storage containers. Not only do they lock out air and seal in freshness, but their transparent design also lets you clearly keep track of your items and how much of your supplies remain. The pack comes with seven different containers and labels to keep things extra organized.


This Adjustable Bamboo Utensil Holder That Cleans Up Your Drawers

Give yourself the flexibility to change your drawer setup depending on your needs with this adjustable drawer organizer. It’s made from natural bamboo, and there are two compartments on the sides that open to take the organizer from three slots to five slots in seconds. It’s even water-resistant.


A Stackable Set Of Clear Mini Organizers For Your Vanity

A messy vanity or bathroom can be frustrating, but these stackable drawers can help fix it. Made from clear, plastic acrylic, you can easily spot where your items are. For added customization, you can place the drawers side by side or stack them vertically to better fit your space.


These Floating Shelves That Decorate & Organize Simultaneously

If you struggle to find chic ways to store your possessions, these floating shelves can keep everything in its place while looking sleek. Made of wood and metal along with a sharp geometric design, these shelves offer a decorative touch and measure 4 inches deep (and nearly 16 inches wide). Mounting hardware comes included.


The Durable Matching Storage Baskets Made With Alloy Steel Wire

This matching set of wire baskets can give you a storage solution with an organized, matching touch. Made from alloy steel, these baskets are durable and resistant to rust, ensuring that they’re long-lasting. The easy-grip handles on both sides make them convenient to transport and re-arrange, too.


An Accessory Organizer That Protects While It Stores

Keep your closet mess under control with this over-the-door handbag organizer. Installation is a breeze: Simply hang the unit over the door with the metal hooks. It features six slots covered in clear plastic, so you can keep an eye on your items while protecting them from scuffs and dust at the same time.


This Durable Food Wrap Holder That Fits In Your Cabinet

If plastic wrap and tin foil are clogging up your kitchen cabinets, try this box organizer instead. To install it, all you have to do is insert the wire support rods into the slots. It features nonslip feet so that it can stay firmly in place while supporting up to 20 pounds of weight.


An Under-The-Bed Storage Solution That Fights Clutter

Stow your extra linens or off-season looks out of sight in these under-bed storage bags. They each feature a top that zips fully open to make loading your items easy, and the clear plastic construction makes identifying your items a cinch. It’ll stand up to use because of its reinforced handles, too.


The Utensil Holder That Swivels Without Falling Over

Give your kitchen tools the organization they need with this utensil holder. With its weighted base and nonslip bottom, your items shouldn’t topple out. The built-in swiveling feature and internal dividers mean you can reach your utensils with ease. Throw in a fingerprint-proof coating and you’ve got a recipe for a long-lasting kitchen staple.


This Simple-But-Chic Makeup Brush Organizer With Multiple Compartments

Get your vanity mess under control with this makeup organizer. It features six slots that are designed to fit brushes, liners, and other products of varying heights and sizes. Plus, its sleek black finish will blend seamlessly into most decors. It’s even earned an impressive 4.8-star rating after nearly 1,500 users have weighed in.


These Drawer Dividers That You Can Customize

Take your drawers from messy to sorted with this six-pack of drawer dividers. The most notable feature of each one is that the slots can be moved both vertically and horizontally to customize the size of the storage cells. The sides of the bins are rigid to help keep your items from getting crushed, too.


This Hanging Organizer That Adds Tons of Extra Pantry Storage

You don’t have to be limited by the size by the size of your cabinets, because with this over-the-door pantry organizer you can add lots of additional storage. Each of the two racks comes with 24 clear slots to organize and store at the same time. Plus, they’re both easily installed via two stainless steel hooks.


These Durable, Airtight Food Storage Containers To Organize Your Fridge

If your mess goes all the way to your refrigerator, these airtight storage containers can help. Not only do they keep food fresh with their tight seal, but they’re also microwave-, freezer-, dishwasher-, and refrigerator-safe. Each order comes with seven containers in a range of sizes.


The Nonslip Velvet Hangers That’ll Keep Clothes Together

If you don’t know about nonslip hangers, you’ll wish you’d known sooner. The velvet coating creates a tension that keeps garments on hangers, while the 360-degree rotating hooks make it easier for you to access your items. The notched grooves on the top are perfect for keeping straps in place, too.


The Secret Tool That Delivers An Organized Fridge

Cut down on time searching through your refrigerator with these organizer bins. Because they’re clear, you can easily spot what you need more quickly. You’ll have plenty of space since each order comes with eight bins, and they all have convenient handles for easy access.


The Sleek-Looking Trash Can That Fits In Small Places

You can clean up the messes even in areas where you’re short on space with this small trash can. It’s made of sleek-looking stainless steel with a foot pedal to open the lid without using your hands. And even though it’s small, it can store about 1.3 gallons of trash.


This Versatile Bathroom Supply Organizer For Your Toothbrush, Toothpaste & More

Level up from a simple toothpaste holder to this multi-faceted bathroom organizer. While it has slots to store up to four brushes, there’s also a compartment for rinsing cups and a large container for a tube of toothpaste. Plus, it’s slim and low-profile, so it should fit easily on many countertops.


This Highly Portable, Roll-Out Bathroom Caddy With Wheels

You can banish the clutter under your sink with this roll-out caddy. Featuring a set of wheels on the bottom for easy access, it also has a set of handles on top — so moving it around is a breeze. The internal dividers can be moved to a range of positions to better store your particular items, too.


A Magnetic Spice Rack That Adds A Shelf To Your Refrigerator

These magnetic spice racks can revolutionize meal prep by cutting down on the time you spend searching your cabinets for the right spice. The heavy-duty magnets can support up to 5 pounds of weight each and work on any magnetic surface. It even includes a set of removable hooks to hang dish towels and more.


The Pan Holder That Helps Protect & Organize Your Cookware

This organizing rack pulls double-duty, both neatly stacking your pans to tidy up messy cabinets while also helping to protect them from scratches and scuffs they might get from traditional stacking methods. You can orient it both horizontally or vertically, and it comes with the necessary hardware to screw it in place. It’s perfect for baking tins or cutting boards, too.


An Easy Way To Add Extra Storage To Your Bathroom Cabinets

Banish bathroom overflow with this cabinet tool organizer. It’s perfect for hairdryers, curling wands, and other tools with wires that might otherwise create a tangled mess. Made from alloy steel, it hooks easily over the door to create extra storage and has three distinct compartments.


The Tool That Takes The Hard Work Out Of Scrubbing

If scrubbing grout, grills, and more seems tedious, try this power scrubber instead. It’s battery-powered and delivers 6 volts of energy to clean small surfaces and hard-to-reach places without quitting. The head oscillates back and forth for a deeper clean, and it even features an ergonomic grip for comfort.


The Chic Cosmetic Organizer That Blends In Wherever You Put It

Your vanity or bathroom can get the upgrade it deserves with this cosmetics organizer. No more messy junk drawers full of loose lipsticks, because this acrylic container allows you to store a dozen products in compartments of varying sizes. The clear construction and open-top lets you grab the items you need quickly, too.


A Wall-Mounted Holder That Organizes Your Organizational Tools

You can get your cleaning tools properly stored with this mop and broom holder. The mount is installed either via screws or adhesive tape, and it features nonslip grips for three tools (plus hooks for hanging smaller items like dustpans and more). The entire structure can support up to 50 pounds of weight.


These Slide-In Baskets That Can Nearly Double Your Shelf Space

If you’re in need of extra shelf space but aren’t looking to remodel, try these under-shelf baskets instead. They’re each nearly 1 foot deep and slide easily into place via L-shaped metal brackets, with absolutely no tools required for installation. They feature a sleek chrome finish, too.


The Stylish Accessory That Keeps Paper Towels Within Reach

Keep your paper towels from unraveling into a mess with this paper towel holder. Because it’s freestanding, it can easily be moved around until you find the perfect spot. Its metal-and-wire construction and chrome finish make it a sleek and stylish addition to any kitchen. The outermost support structure keeps the open sheet neatly in place, too.


The Tiny Mesh Organizer That Tackles Big Office Messes

Made from alloy steel, this office supply organizer is scratch-resistant, thanks to its sturdy wire mesh construction. It features six slots of varying sizes to store anything from pens, markers, note pads, and more. At the bottom, you’ll find a small drawer to keep loose items securely stowed away.


A Stainless Steel Turntable That Makes Finding The Right Spice A Breeze

If traditional wall-mounted spice racks aren’t for you, you might want to try this lazy Susan seasoning holder instead. It rotates 360 degrees so that you can easily access items from all sides. There’s even a raised lip along all the edges so your spices and condiments won’t slide off.


This Rack That Instantly Adds Hanging Space For 15 Items

Whether it’s your bathroom door or hallway closet that could use more hanging space, these over-the-door hooks have you covered. The unit features five large hooks at the top and five split hooks underneath, giving you space to hang up to 15 items. Simply slip the unit over the top of a door to install.


The Storage Bins That Practically Disappear When You Don’t Need Them

Tidy up your clutter with a set of storage cubes that folds completely flat when not in use. There are six cubes per pack, and they each come fitted with reinforced handles that make them easy to pull out from shelves or from underneath the bed. They’re sturdy yet lightweight, making them ideal for many storage needs.


This Rack That Easily Adds Shelves To Your Closet

If you could use a few extra shelves in your closet, this hanging organizer delivers. Made from durable fabric, it features five shelves along with six side mesh pockets for even more storage. The open construction easily allows you to spot your items in no time.


A Sink Caddy That Works For Wet & Dry Sponges

If your messy tendencies extend to even the kitchen sink, try this sink caddy to tidy things up. It features slots for both a sponge and a brush, as well as an open compartment to place wet sponges so they can dry out. The water flows out of the base and directly into the sink.


This Pack Of Reliable Closet Organizer Bins Lined In Fabric

Take your closet organizing to the next level with these storage bins. The interior of each bin is lined with cardboard for extra support, while the fabric finish gives it a sleek look. They’re easy to move around, too, as each bin comes with three handles. The three-pack is available in six different colors.


An All-Purpose Organizing Basket With A Woven-Plastic Design

Purchase a set of these plastic storage baskets you can use just about anywhere in your home. While they’re made of durable, lightweight plastic, they feature a rustic woven design that offers style with practicality. When not in use, they can be stacked, allowing you to save space.


This Chic Jewelry Organizer You’ll Want To Put On Display

If your bedside table or dresser has a tendency to collect mess, try adding this jewelry tray. Its two-tier design allows for storage of both larger and smaller items, and the lips on the sides of the trays help prevent your things from slipping off. Its sleek, modern design delivers the organization you’ll want to display.


This Versatile Rope Basket That’s Soft But Strong

You can store laundry, towels, linens, and more in style with this rope basket. Made from durable-but-soft cotton, this oversized basket features two handles that make it easy to move it from place to place. It’s beloved by Amazon users, too, earning an impressive 4.7-star rating.


This Bamboo Organizer You Can Use On A Countertop Or In A Cabinet

Add three levels of storage wherever you have a spare corner with this kitchen shelf. Made from sturdy bamboo, this shelf offers up a natural look. It’s also a breeze to assemble, with all the tools you’ll need to put it together included in the package.