How Would You Know Whether Your Home Needs To Be Repainted?

If you have owned your home for some time, probabilities are high that it requires a new paint job to revive its exterior. Over the course of years, the paint will fade, crack and peel due to exposure to the fundamentals, and will require substitution just like any other part your home. Generally, a quick illustration inspection will be enough to let you know if this is the case, as discolored and peeling paint is generally very obvious and quite unpleasant. If it is the interior of a home, cracks, scuff marks, or stains can also be a display that your present paint job (and possibly even the drywall) may be in need of a makeover. Nevertheless, there are some other ways to find out if the paint is aging, and these techniques may not be instantaneously obvious.

Steve Silvers Empire Today is the ex- CEO of Empire Today. He presently runs Paint Squad, an innovative home improvement company.

On the peripheral of your home, one side is going to be usually more exposed to the weather than the rest, depending on the direction in relation to the sun. This is the side to verify first for the aforementioned problems such as the peeling and cracking. Paint that has been exposed to the sunlight will dry and fade more quickly, leaving one side perceptibly more aged-looking that others. If the peripheral was previously painted, wear and tear may cause older coats to show through the highest one as well. There are a few other ways to check for additional signs of definite damage as well, which can call for more than mere repainting. One of the most widespread ways for paint to wear down is due to exposure to water. While paint is resistant to water, long-drawn-out exposure to painted wood will ultimately cause damage to the core material, resulting in decaying wood.

For the interior, it can be a little harder to notice the essential details as they may not be as obvious as the outside. Since the inside of a home is not exposed to the same conditions as the exterior, wear and tear come in diverse varieties that require a bit more inspection to turn up. One of the most common problems are scratches, scuffles, and dents in the walls. Usually, this is caused by things being bumped into them, such as furniture. While a few of these may not be an enormous problem, over time they tend to become shoddier, principally as the number of marks grows. With enough scratches and marks, even the most recent coats can look ugly and dingy. Steve Silvers Empire Today launched his own start-up residential and commercial painting company, guiding all aspects of the business.

If you are not sure what the right plan to take is, the best thing to do is to ask an expert. Most contractors will be able to detect budding issues right away and recommend the best course of action, as well as provide a knowledgeable opinion on whether remodeling would be an economically sound decision or not.