How to Design a New Kitchen

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If you have big plans for a kitchen remodel, you may have ideas about what you would like and where everything is going to go. According to the expert designers at Triple Heart Design though, a plan is required if you are to get the most from your space. Without a plan, you might end up with a kitchen that is both untidy and hard to work in. Before heading out to buy new cabinets and appliances then, it is best to do some work and create a plan that will work for you. 

Write a List

The first thing to do is write a list of all the items that for you are essential in a kitchen. List down what the priorities are. For example, maybe in your current kitchen you do not have a dishwasher but have always wanted one and know that it would make your life easier. This would be a priority for you. You will also need a sink, cooker, a specific number of cabinets, and a fridge.  

Once you have listed your priorities, you can start to write a list of the things that would be nice to have. These might be extras that are more luxuries than necessities. If your budget allows, you can include things like a built-in microwave, coffee machine, a wine cooler, and an island unit (if you have the space). 

When writing your list, take note of the things that you do not want. This might include items that you have in your kitchen now that you never use or that really bother you. 

Visit a Kitchen Designer

Once you know what you want in your kitchen, visit your nearest kitchen supplier’s showroom for some style inspiration. Most of these retailers have designers or planners on hand who can create a 2D image of your dream kitchen based on the items you would like. The two of you can work together to add or remove items as required. 

Remember to take your kitchen measurements with you before you go. You will need to measure each wall and mark the positions of any doors, windows, and pipes. You should also note where the utility services such as gas, plumbing, and electric are situated. 

Alternatively, you could work with an interior designer to plan your kitchen. Interior designers can provide helpful tips and advice about what type of kitchen would not only work well in the space that you have but that will also be cohesive with the décor of the rest of your home. 

What to Consider

It is easy to get carried away when working with a kitchen planner as there are so many items that you would love to have in your new kitchen. It is important therefore to set a budget that you want to stick to before you get started. A good kitchen planner/interior designer will have your budget in mind before suggesting items that you could never afford. 

Think about the layout of your kitchen and what is known as the working triangle. The idea is that the imaginary lines between your hob, sink, and fridge will form a triangle, making it easier for you to work when cooking and cleaning. 

Storage is another important consideration. Consider what items you will need to store in your kitchen. If you want your new kitchen to look uncluttered, then having storage space for occasionally used small appliances is something worth considering. Have a clear idea of what you need in terms of floor and overhead cabinets as well as drawers. This will make your kitchen much more user-friendly.

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