Helpful Tips for Removing Junk and Furniture in Langley

People don’t really enjoy cleaning their house. Maybe that’s because getting rid of unwanted junk and pieces of furniture is such a pain in the ass. If your house is starting to look like a junkyard, you can apply these tips on how to remove junk and furniture in your home.

Set achievable goals

It might not be advisable to clean every junk in your place all at the same time, so don’t even try doing it. Even one room at a time is too much. You have to set an achievable and a more realistic goal. You can start by setting a goal to get rid of 10-20% of all your junk per day. Or you can get rid of all small things first like kitchen wares or basement garbage.

There are organizations in Langley like that can pick up your junk and furniture for donations. It will be a big help for unfortunate families and victims of calamities.

Set benchmarks

You have to first set a benchmark or a point of reference on what to do when clearing your junks. Take for example, all magazines 3 months old should be thrown out or all newspapers a week old will go straight to the garbage. In case of your wardrobe, all clothes that are too small for you should be given to charity or give it to your friends or family. Having a point of reference can speed up the process of your cleaning. Start with the easiest task to build confidence and after that everything will follow.

Garbage is garbage

Throw every garbage. You might have some things that are considered garbage and can be thrown without the second thought. These include shoe boxes, empty bags of potato chips, candy wrappings, or paper bags. Just get rid of them, don’t be a hoarder. Those things should be taken out first. It will lighten up your work.

Identify the things you want to throw out

Put every junk you want to throw out in one place. Putting all the junks in one area is very practical. If you can’t find a place to put all the trash, you can always label them so you will know what items to throw, give to charity or sell.

If you want to donate your furniture, you can also visit Furniture Bank. It will be a big help for people who don’t have the money to buy furniture.

Set a timeline

Cleaning out your junk does not have to be an all-day event. Set a timeline and work on small stuff first. The easier your task the faster you will finish. First, you have to carefully plan how many boxes you are planning to fill in, it will keep you from getting over-worked and overwhelmed.

Know who will get your things

You should know who will get your junk and furniture if you are planning on donating them. Consider all of your options like shelter homes, friends, family members or if you are planning on selling your stuff, where will you sell it? Are you planning on setting up a garage sale or sell it online. A garage sale will be a little hard since you will exert a lot of effort of moving your stuff, putting tags, pricing, and selling. But trust me, it will be worth it, especially after you sold everything. “Money from trash.” If you are on a humanitarian side, you can donate to companies like Salvation Army or Goodwill. They can offer you to get it by themselves. The good thing about donating is it will give you a tax write-write off. You can also donate it to your nearest church or charity. There are people who need your unwanted stuff, unfortunate kids or homeless people. You will not get back the money you spend buying those things, but you will feel good knowing that your things will help people in need.

If you want to donate your used items to non-government organizations, you can go to International Christian Response.

Hire a professional

There are companies that specialized in removing other people’s trash and junks. It is the quickest and hassle-free way to get rid of your unnecessary things. If you want to know more about professionals who can help you get rid of your junks, click here.

Get the right perspective.

You should have the right mindset when getting rid of your junk. Junk and unused furniture are easy to get rid of. Letting go of them is another matter. Some of these things have sentimental values. People tend to collect items that are unnecessary because of the memories they bring. They think they can get rid of them and make some money in the process, but they forget it over time.

My advice, before selling or throwing out your things, take a picture of them. So in case, your sentimentality kicks in, you won’t regret throwing or selling them. That’s the hardest part of cleaning your junks. So before clearing out your things, clear your mind first.