Feng Shui for Relationships – How the Art of Feng Shui Can Help Improve Yours

It’s said that life is all about relationships; with our spouses and work mates, our families, friends, and most importantly, the relationship with ourselves.

Feng Shui is all about energy; the direction of how it flows, becomes blocked and stagnant, and the intentional placement of objects to encourage the flow of positive energy, and the dissipation of the negative. An ancient Chinese practice, Feng Shui is focused on purposefully arranging our stuff around us to gain positive results in our life.

With Valentine’s Day this month, the focus on relationships comes even more to our attention, whether that means healing our existing connection with others, or wishing for our soul mate to appear. It’s heartening to know that there are tools that are easy to apply in our own environment to enhance our relationships. The wisdom of Feng Shui and the application of its principals can indeed bring welcome changes and upliftment in subtle and very direct ways. Feng Shui can be harnessed to kick-start our love life by finding an ideal partner or improve existing relationships, smooth the edges around difficult associations (e.g. the in-laws), enjoy greater harmony in the house with family members, and even improve camaraderie with business associates in the workplace.

The Relationship Corner

Every home and each room have areas that are related to certain energies, such as career, family and love. To find the relationship corner of your space; as you enter through the front door of the house or room, the relationship section is located at the farthest right hand corner at the back side of the home or room. According to Feng Shui practices, certain items in the relationship corner can spice things up, keep things stuck, or cause havoc in your relationships. To perk up your love life, add these items to the relationship corner of your home and/or bedroom:

  • Red or pink items, such as lingerie, paper cut-outs of hearts etc.
  • Two candles side by side, ideally red or pink to produce light and warmth.
  • Crystals, such as pink quartz or amethyst, to cure for bad chi.
  • A blooming or healthy plant.
  • Any item that symbolizes love and romance for you, such as a picture of a happy couple or hearts. If already in a relationship, put a joyful picture of both of you together.
  • A wish list that is very specific to what qualities you want to attract in a mate, or improve in an existing one. Avoid using negative statements, such as I don’t what a mate who cheats. Rather write; I want a mate who is monogamous.
  • Put your heart-felt intention into livening up your relationship corners.

Items to avoid in your relationship corner include:

  • Negative and depressing pictures or art, or items that you associate sadness or longing with.
  • Photos of yourself alone as a single person.
  • Clutter and dust, or old and useless objects.
  • Distracting items such as a TV, games, and electronics.
  • Anything associated with work and business.
  • If the bathroom is in the relationship corner of your house, keep the toilet closed.
  • Remove items from under your bed.

Work the magic by making just a few intentional changes and watch what happens!

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