5 Wood Table Shopping Tips

5 Tips For Successfully Buying Your Dining Chairs Online

Are you in the market for a table? You’ve probably researched different materials and how they fit in your situation. Wood, the most sought-after material, may have won your heart, and for good reasons. Its durability, ease of maintenance, and versatility, among other benefits, make it an ideal choice regardless of your style and taste. While a wood table delivers such benefits, you need to consider various factors, ensuring you choose a perfect table capable of meeting your requirements. Among such considerations include;

Your needs

What’ the wood table’s purpose? Do you have a plan or color scheme? The dining table, for instance, is arguably a piece of furniture whose importance can’t be stressed enough. Apart from being the focal point, the dining table serves as a gathering place, exposing the table to a range of abuse. From scratches, burns, spillages, among other factors, you need a table that can withstand regular usage yet still maintain its striking looks. You would want to choose an ideal wood table for your kitchen. Therefore, we recommend a sturdy solution, for instance hardwood solution such as walnut, oak, and mahogany compared to a table made from composite wood such as plywood.


What are your room’s dimensions? While shopping for an ideal wood table following your room’s size, the easiest hack is to consider the table’s shape. You can have your interior designer draw a layout plan or just do it yourself. Think about how you want the furniture to be laid out.

For instance, if you are furnishing a smaller area, an oval-shaped table is the best option as it doesn’t make the area look crowded. For a long and narrow space, choosing a rectangular table is advisable as it takes up considerable space, allowing you to still have foot traffic on other side of the room. Round tables are ideal for larger areas, especially if you are looking for a solution that can accommodate more people, such as for your dining area.


While indoor spaces have their challenges, the impacts are not as demanding as the outdoor environment. If you are shopping for an outdoor wood table, you need to keep the weather and other hazards in mind. Harsh weather and pests, among other hazards, can quickly deteriorate your furniture’s value, requiring a resilience option to withstand such concerns. Look for weather-resistant wood such as teak wood tables. Teak is the most popular option owing to its resilience as well as striking looks, mainly as it develops an aged vibe due to weathering and sun exposure over time.


A table that can comfortably serve an adult might not be the best solution for little kids. If it is too tall, it means that the kids need taller chairs that they have to climb up to sit. This exposes us to safety concerns. While standard dimensions could help you to narrow the options, it would be better if you think about your current situation before hitting the market.

The prices

Your budget is a primary determiner, but that shouldn’t blind you into buying the cheapest wood table available. You, therefore, need to compare the cost against the value a wood table delivers. For instance, solid hardwood could serve you for a lifetime with lesser maintenance compared to engineered wood, such as medium density fiberboard (MDF). As such, while it might require a higher initial investment, in the long-run, it is more cost-effective.

Wood table shopping might not be a walk in the park, with all the options the market has to offer. It is, however, worth every second and effort invested, noting that it is a lifetime acquisition.