Why Wood Heating is the Best Choice for Homes

There are many different ways of heating a home, includingelectricity and gas. However, wood fireplaces in Melbourne are a far superior choice. This article provides some reasons why a wood burning fireplace is the best option to keep you and your family warm during the cold winter months. 

Even Heating

A modern wood fireplace provides an even heat, unlike other forms of heating. For example, electric heaters can have warm and cold spots where the air is swirling around the rooms. With a wood heater, you can enjoy more even and consistent heat. 


The cost of gas and electricity are all variable. The price of gas is often at the mercy of world events. On the other hand, wood is a renewable resource. You can gather your own wood and chop it in your own yard, saving you substantially on heating costs each winter. You can also pay someone else to deliver enough wood to get you through the winter.

Easy to Maintain

A wood burning fireplace has no working parts, meaning there’s nothing that can break down. All you might need to do in terms of maintenance is hire a chimney sweep to clean out the chimney at regular intervals. Other than that, you just have to regularly clean out the firebox and clean the window with glass cleaner.

Useful inPower Blackouts

When trouble strikes and the power goes out, all other forms of heating will no longer work. Your family will be sitting in a cold home, trying to keep warm. In some conditions, this can be dangerous. However, a family with a modern wood fireplace can simply place another log on the coals and stay warm and safe during a blackout. A wood heater is therefore the best choice if you want peace of mind knowing your heater will always work, even in times of power outages. 

Simple Installation

Installation of a ducted heating system will require digging up your floor or creating ducts in the roof in order to install the necessaryvents underneath. It can therefore be much more expensive to install a ductedsystem throughout your home than it is to buy wood heaters for sale and install a chimney. While some chimney installations can take a bit more work and expense than others, you can ask your qualified wood heater installation professional to provide you with a quote. Remember, all of these heating system installations are best left to trained professionals who know what they’re doing. 

Ultimately, wood fireplaces in Melbourne are the best choice for locals who wish to heat their home. Not only are they less expensive than other home heating options, but they will also heat your home reliably, even in an emergency. They’re additionally easier to maintain and install, plusthey won’t dent your wallet when the cost of gas or electricity begins to go up. Best of all, the heat output is toasty and even for a cosy home.