Things That Help Musicians Travel Between Shows

Have you ever wondered about how your favorite musician can travel to different cities to perform live shows? Being a musician or being a part of a band not only takes a lot of talent, but it takes a lot of hard work and good organization to be able to perform live shows for the public. Musicians, bands, and their road crews utilize different types of technology to get their equipment from town to town.

Road Cases

The most important tools to perform a concert besides the artists themselves are the musicians’ instruments. The instruments the band needs to create music and perform their songs can end up taking up a lot of space and can weigh hundreds of pounds. Artists typically use what is known as a road case. These large, sturdy mobile cases are used to protect and transport musical instruments and equipment. These cases usually come on wheels so it’s easier to move the equipment from a bus into a performance venue. Each wheel is usually part of a heavy duty swivel caster which supports a lot of weight and helps the case move around.

Tour Buses

Musicians, bands, and select staff use tour buses to travel around to perform their shows. Some artists own their own buses, and other times performers rent this equipment to use short-term. Some of the buses used by performers can be elegant and elaborate, and sometimes offer comforts like that of a luxury recreational vehicle. The band and their respective equipment need a safe, comfortable way to get around and perform in different cities. Live performances require an artist to exert a lot of energy which can leave them tired and depleted afterward. The comfort of a good tour bus can help the musician rest and recover after one show so they’ll be fresh enough to perform in the next city.

Event Staff

Musicians and celebrities need reliable staff to help their shows come to life. Events require not just the artists themselves, but also require professional help from stage crews. sound technicians, set staff, and food and beverage professionals. When an artist or a band has to travel from city to city in a short amount of time, it helps to have the right professionals to assist them.

Being a performer is an exciting thing, but it also requires a lot of work and assistance. Everybody needs help, no matter how popular or famous they are.

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