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6 Tips To Sell Your Property Quickly For The Highest Dollar Even During  'Off' Season

The housing market is going quite strong across most Canadian cities. And the demand for housing units continues to rise across the country. In all, everything seems just perfect to be a property seller.  

However, not everyone appears that lucky either as a number of new houses for sale can still be seen sitting on the market for longer that they should. Some of them have even crossed the “alarm-raising duration of ninety days”, which is kind of unusual in this period of boom.

And if you too are one of those sellers struggling to find a buyer for their house, then there is something wrong. Either your house is a bit overpriced or it’s not “up to the mark” for the market, or sometimes both.

So what should you do when your house does not sell like others’ do?

Well, there are some tips that can help in selling your house as quickly as you wish. Some of them are –

1. Check whether the selling price is reasonable

If your house is not attracting buyers for long, price could be a factor. Either you have set a very high sale price for your property or the asking price does not match with the overall condition of the house. In both ways, it implies that you got be realistic and set a competitive price. And if you’re not sure how to set such a price, the best way would be to check what others are quoting in your locality for properties in similar dimensions or range. The earlier you did it, the more chances it will create in attracting prospective buyers for your property.

2. Involve a real estate broker

Selling a house is not only complicated but it takes longer if you go alone. And when’re going alone, chances are very high that you’d set a very high sale price on your property, which can act as a deterrent for buyers. Such sellers often struggle in the market and they feel frustrated after a while when they can’t sell quickly. You could avoid that situation by involving a real estate broker, or by seeking an honest review on the property. The broker knows the market, can set a fair price, can market your property and arrange buyers from their vast network. 

3. Maximize the value of your property

Buyers only get attracted to properties that are value for money. They’d happily pay the sale price if they think the property is worth the money. As a seller, you need to realize this well and take steps to maximize the worth of your house. In a sense, you should make the property look visually appealing before putting it on the market. Some of the things you could do include beautifying the interior, mowing the laws, cleaning the driveway and making the exterior walls look a bit radiant. All this would definitely get you more potential buyers for your house.

4. Consider taking your house off the market for a while

You should re-consider your selling strategy when your house is taking more time than usual to go off the market. In general, one month is the ideal time when most listed properties get sold. If you however can’t close the deal after period, it’s not bad to consider taking the house off the market for a while, wait a couple weeks and then relist it once again. It may do the trick almost every time whether you have new condos for sale or a flats, and hopefully get the attention of those agents who somehow missed it the first time.   

5. Fix your house up

Most sellers prefer move-in ready houses as they want to avoid the hassles of renovation after having spent on down payment. And if your house demands renovation, well then chances of it going off the market quickly will be fairly low. The good thing, you needn’t think of doing a complete renovation either as some small touch-ups would do. The focus should be on making changes in a way that make the home look more attractive to potential buyers. So, it could be just paint touch-ups or a bit of de-cluttering the house. That’s all!

6. Be flexible with every aspect of the selling

In property deals, delay happens when the seller is not flexible. In fact, when the seller is rigid on a certain price and does not budge, it can keep the property on the market for longer than usual. Similarly, if the seller does not respond to offers fast, it may also put off the impatient buyers. Likewise, good sellers are one who’re ready to show off the property to buyers with a short notice or even at odd hours. They should remember that buyers have the money, so they won’t wait and might switch to viewing another property if there is even a slight delay whatsoever.  

Final Thoughts

Selling a house is an art and the entire process turns easier and faster when the seller is ready to accommodate some of the demands of the buyer. And when there is the help and guidance of a real estate broker, everything becomes as transparent and hassle-free as it can possibly get.

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