How Many Years Do Lithium Ion Batteries Last in an Arc Lighter?

If the voltage of a lithium-ion cell drops below a certain level, the battery is no longer good. Lithium-ion batteries drain, they only last about two years.  The battery will not last longer when not in use. So do not avoid using the battery thinking the battery will last five years.

Do lithium ion batteries need to be fully charged before first use?

Li-ion batteries do not need to be fully charged before first use.

According to Battery University, a staggeringly exhaustive resource on the topic, a lithium-ion battery that goes through 100 percent DoD (the user runs it down all the way to zero before recharging) can degrade to 70 percent of its original capacity in 300-500 cycles. With a DoD of 25 percent, where the user plugs a lithium-ion battery in as soon as it gets to 75 percent remaining, that same battery could be charged up to 500 times before it starts to seriously degrade. It is the duty cycle that matters the most.

Lithium-ion batteries despise heat

What’s far more dangerous to a battery’s well-being is heat. Lithium-ion batteries despise heat.

Do not leave your usb lighter sitting in the sun.

Do not keep your battery completely discharged for long periods of time.

DO NOT over charge your battery.

DO NOT charge your lithium ion devices over night.

Can you use the arc lighters in cold weather?

Yes you can. The arc lighters can not be stored in cold temperatures but you can store them at room temperature and go outside at -40 and ignite your bbq or campfire. If you go snowmobiling as long as you keep your lighter in your inside jacket pocket your body temperature will keep it warm enough to ignite in cold temperatures.

How do I clean the Arc Lighter?

Residues can build up around the tip of the lighter which can affect the operation of the lighter.  Use only a clean dry brush or cloth to gently brush the tip. Do not use any abrasives or liquid cleaner. Ensure the tip of your Arc Lighter is clean at all times to get the best performance of your lighter.