How Can You Use NOS Cream Chargers As A Cooking Tool?

Nowadays when there are multiple uses for a single tool, why should you use your NOS cream charger to make only sweet whipped creams. NOS cream chargers have a variety of uses you only have to explore with your experimental skills. 

You can use a NOS cream charger as a cooking tool, cream chargers are usually used as a whipping agent to make whipped cream using a whipped cream dispenser, you can also make other dishes with a NOS cream charger.

Here are some different recipes that you can try using a NOS cream charger:


You can rock a party by making different drinks using a NOS cream charger. NOS has some intoxicating properties so even a non-alcoholic beverage can taste and feel like alcohol. Nitrous oxide can also make it more refreshing.

Chilled banana mousse

Mousse is a very popular sweet dish made from yogurt

  • Take a bowl and add some bananas, buttermilk, cream of tartar, nutmeg, and mix them
  • Now put them inside the canister
  • Charger the whipped cream dispenser with a NOS cream charger.
  • Pour the mousse into a small glass and serve with some chopped fresh fruits.

Whipped Cream filled chocolate dipped ripe papayas

Papayas are a great source of protein and when it summers you should not miss the chance to have some. Ripe papayas are food in itself and when they are combined with chocolates it has a blast in your mouth. 

Take one bowl of ripe papayas and cut them into chunks, now dip then into melted hot chocolate (dark chocolate or milk chocolate as you prefer). 

If you already have whipped cream ready in your whipped cream dispenser then you can whip it easily or it hardly takes 10 minutes to make whipped cream with a Dispenser.


Ever thought that you can make soup with a cream canister? Soups are healthy and tasty and many dieticians recommend that eating soup can keep you fit. 

  • Take a bowl and add all the vegetables that you want to your soup. 
  • Add warm to it.
  • Add coriander powder, salt, black pepper powder, and some fresh coriander or basil leaves for extra freshness. 
  • Never shake the whipped cream canister, shaking the whipped cream canister can make the soup fluffy rather than watery.

Charge that cream canister and after 5 minutes pour the soup into a soup bowl.

NOS cream chargers have so many benefits that are why they are used worldwide in restaurants, coffee shops, and kitchens to make different foods.

NOS cream chargers are available all over the world on many online sites. Dispensers can be used to make a variety of foods at home, mousse, drinks, soups, espuma, and many more you only have to explore your cooking skills. But if you have a busy and irregular work schedule and struggling to buy a cream charger and cream canister then Cream Charger Warehouse deliver across Australia and is an option to get NOS cream chargers and cream canisters delivered to your home.