Flooring or Cabinets: Which to Install First

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Constructing your kitchen interior design idea can be a very exciting experience. From the countertops, cabinets to the flooring, you have to plan everything thoroughly to make your modular kitchen idea more functional and appealing. However, there are a few golden rules that should always be followed while constructing a kitchen. They help to perform the tasks more conveniently and efficiently. For instance, you must always install hardwood floors before installing the cabinets. There are plenty of benefits to doing so. If you are not aware of these various benefits, here are a few:

01 of 04 Proper height

While installing the cabinets, you must always ensure that they are 36 inches(the standard height) above the floor. Moreover, all kitchen appliances should be installed at the same height as well. This will allow you to change the appliances later conveniently. Otherwise, you might have to remove parts of the floor to take them out. For instance, if you have a dishwasher that is not installed above the floor level, you have to rip off parts of the floor when the dishwasher gets damaged and you have to replace it. As a result, additional expenses have to be made while removing and reinstalling the appliance and the floor. Many experts suggest inserting a ply board under the cabinets to achieve height consistency. However, it might give rise to other issues and you will also have to spend more money for purchasing the plyboard and pay the labour charge for cutting and the installation.  

02 of 04 The cabinet footprint can be changed later

If hardwood is used for making the floor, there is a huge chance that it will last longer than the cabinets. The cabinet trends and designs keep changing and you can change them when they start showing signs of wear and tear. However, using solid hardwood for floors makes them durable, and hence, they can easily last a few decades. Although its colour may be changed over the years to change the appearance of your modular kitchen idea, the wood will still remain the same. Using hardwood in the entire floor plan is important to ensure you have flexibility throughout the area so that footprints of the cabinets can be changed or the appliances can be moved. Also, it is essential if you change the cabinet style later where the hardwood can be seen underneath. 

03 of 04  Cleanest look

You can get the cleanest look with the cabinets by installing hardwood floors first. As a result, you will not have to think about adding quarter rounds to the cabinets. Instead, you can opt for clean toe kicks that will complement the cabinet designs. This will help to create a more visually appealing interior decor. 

04 of 04 Considered a safer option for the cabinets

While installing or sanding the floors, there is a higher chance of damaging or staining the cabinets if you install them before. In such a scenario, you will have no other choice but to make additional expenses and fix the damage or replace the cabinet completely if it is beyond repair. Otherwise, you will have to live with a broken cabinet. This will diminish the overall appeal of your modular kitchen idea. Hence, completing the floor first is a better option than finishing the cabinets. Also, you will get a much cleaner look if you decide to complete the floor first. 

The aforementioned points make it quite obvious why you should always install the hardwood floor before cabinets. Although there are a few advantages of installing the cabinet first, its disadvantages surely outweigh them. However, do not follow the same rule if you are not remodelling the entire kitchen interior design idea at once. People remodelling the cabinets and floors separately should do things differently.