Building the World With Construction Projects

Construction projects are very important aspects in modern society. It is among the most fundamental ways upon which nations build their value by creating physical assets that they can utilize both economic and social profits. For most, the benchmark of a society’s progress is the number of hospitals, roads, tunnels, buildings, bridges and infrastructure that are constructed in a given populace. These are definite symbols of economic stability and progress that practically all nations try to achieve these days. Other kinds of assets such as cathedrals, towers, and opera houses are built for the sole purpose of expressing a society’s social advancement. This shows how important construction projects are all over the world.

Change is the only constant thing in a society whether in its social context or its economic standing. There are many factors that bring about change, some of them are unplanned and uncontrollable such as those resulting from natural phenomenon or those that happen because of outside factors. But there are also changes that are made deliberately by the societies in mind. Governments build schools, bridges, roads, and other assets to bring service to the people. Private entities construct buildings and develop real estate to participate in the economic activity. These changes come in the form of construction projects and these endeavors increase the value of societies.

Construction projects have been implemented all over the world since time immemorial not only in human societies but in the animal world as well. While most people would ignore the ingenuity of animals, they have long been organizing their communities to build homes and other things needed for them to survive. One good example are ants who have impressive ant colonies that are built not only for shelter but also as a breeding and a feeding ground for millions of ants. Then there are the bees with their amazing hives that not only serve them but other animals as well including humans who gather honey and wax for candles.

Like their fellow members in the animal kingdom, humans are very much capable of doing construction projects but they go beyond just building for necessity, humans build for so many other reasons that make their society rich and diverse. And because of this, human society has produced astonishing works out of the immeasurable number of construction projects completed throughout the course of history. The world has witnessed the rise of great wonders form the pyramids of ancient Egypt to the sky scraping towers of the modern world. All these have been brought to reality through construction projects.

Some people, however, criticize the seemingly over-aggressive character of humans when it comes to making construction projects. Advocates of nature observe that the expansion of man-made infrastructure is so fast that it already interferes with the functions of the earth. Perhaps this allegation has some truth since many of the man’s creative works have indeed contributed to the dwindling state of the planet. Much of the pollution and degradation of the earth can be attributed to the products of man’s unending conquest to modify his surroundings, and this is done most notably through construction projects. As such there needs to be great caution in bringing about changes in the world.

With construction projects, humans have brought about major changes in the world – both good and bad. It seems that construction projects are definitely indispensable aspects of society. One can only hope that such efforts would be geared towards the benefit of all.

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