6 Bali Street Food Restaurants to Eat Like the Local People

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Eating in Bali street food restaurants does not mean you are poor or bad. In spite of this, it makes you get the real vacation on Bali. You will blends to the local people and taste the local foods at an affordable price. Do not think negative because the taste is fantastic not differ from 5-star hotel restaurants. On the other hands, the experience of eating in street food restaurants always gives an unforgettable impression. By the way, this page invites to hunt Bali’s best local food through some street food restaurants in Bali.

6 Bali Street Food Restaurants with Affordable Price but keep Delicious

Most tourists look for the best restaurants in Kuta, Denpasar, Ubud, or other big cities in Bali. The best does not always mean luxurious but it can be the best for budget or others. At this time, this page wants to share 6 the best Bali street food restaurants that cheap but tasteful:

  1. Warung Makan Nikmat

If you interpret the name of the restaurant, it means a delicious restaurant. Warung Makan Nikmat presents numerous Javanese foods at an affordable price. This local restaurant denies the common assumption about the restaurant in Kuta. It proves that this area does not only offers the luxuriousness.

  1.  Warung Bu Putu

Once again, the best Bali street food restaurant in Kuta namely Warung Bu Putu. By the way, Kuta is the paradise of foods so you can find any kinds of food here. Even, you can find a lot of the best restaurant in Kuta both cheap and expensive.

Warung Bu Putu offers Rujak Kuah Pindang where it is suitable for you who cannot eat rice. Who knows you are in self-adjustment step to eat rice? Rujak Kuah Pindang uses some fresh fruits with pindang fish water which is salty and spicy.

  1. Warung Murah Double Six

The next Bali street food restaurant is Warung Murah Double Six in Seminyak and Legian areas. There are many kinds of rice here such as red rice, yellow rice, white rice, and so on.

  1. Mami Restaurant (Warung Mami)

Differ from prior options, Warung Mami serves various kind of seafood. These restaurants rely on a super delicious roasted seashell. Do not forget to taste this menu when you trip to Jimbaran because the restaurant is here.

  1. Nasi Tepeng Gianyar

Let’s learn to eat rice from ordering Nasi Tepeng! Go to Senggol market and find Nasi Tepeng Gianyar. This street food restaurant is suitable for breakfast if you stay in Gianyar area. Nasi Tepeng itself is porridge with various side dishes. Usually, it uses fried chicken, long bean, peanut, egg, eggplant, young jackfruit, and many more.

  1. Bu Paseh for Sate Lilit

Lastly, there is Sate Lilit bu Paseh in Denpasar where you can find it in the roadside. This Bali street food restaurant sells this food only in thousands of rupiahs Nonetheless, the taste is very fantastic because it takes from mackerel with the local herbs seasoning.

Other Street Food Menus that must you Try

Let’s acknowledge other street food menu in Bali will not neet in other places. However, you will be easy to find it in street food restaurants or markets. You must taste the following foods :

  • Bali cake of Jaje

Jaje is the local cake in Bali with a sweet taste from the red sugar sauce. This food has white and green color from the rice flour. You will get Jaje with the topping of white grated coconut and the sugary sauces. Eat it with a cup of tea after breakfast to sweeten your day.

  • Bumbur Mengguh

Turn back on the rice with the name of Bumbur Menggur. This street food cooks the rice with the coconut milk so the taste is very savory. You will eat rice with roasted chicken and sauces.

  • BBQ fish

Many Bali street food restaurants choose to offer some seafood and one of them is BBQ fish. Bali itself stay amid the ocean so that getting seafood is very easy. Not only seafood, but BBQ fish can also take plain water fishes.

  • Fried Rice

You do not come to Bali or Indonesia yet if you never order fried rice. This local food exits everywhere with its variant. When you buy this menu in Bali and other cities, you must find a few differences. Usually, it differs on the mixing ingredients.

Well, taste Bali ambiance from the local food menu. Even though, do not eat it in the high-class restaurants. The reason is Bali street food restaurants serve more natural sense than them. Besides that, it gives the real nuance of Bali with affordable price and delicious. At this time, many foreigns look for the street food spot to eat both backpackers and others. Here, you can blend and communicate with local people. Thus, they know the nature of Indonesian people exactly Balinese that are friendly. It is a real holiday in Bali!