Rats! Mordheim is the next Games Workshop adaptation

Rat on a stick, coming right up.

“Get a load o’ this guy, Ernie. Watch out behind us, he says!”

Back when I had the free time to play tabletop Warhammer–which is to say, back in high school–my fellows and I would fantasize about PC adaptations of Games Workshop’s various properties. “They’ll never do it; it would cannibalize their core business selling cheap plastic for 10,000% markup,” was the common refrain. But the intervening deca–ah, excuse me: years!–have brought us one after the other, from Dawn of War to Blood Bowl to Space Marine.

Most of those games haven’t exactly been faithful to the GW rules sets, and it isn’t clear whether this new Mordheim project will be a true adaptation or a more loosely-inspired take. My bet’s on the latter, given that GW dropped Mordheim like a filthy Skaven ratling in 2004. Developer Rogue Factor is a brand new outfit, and for their part they’re keeping mum. So all we’ve got is the above-linked press release, which ain’t much. We do at least know it’s turn-based and due out this year.

Mordheim, if you aren’t aware, was the skirmish-game knockoff of Warhammer Fantasy Battle; basically the Fantasy equivalent of 40K’s Necromunda. It existed in a wild era when Internet fandom revolved around sites like this and this.

Fine. We’re talking decades ago. Excuse me while I go stare into a mirror.

More screenshots follow.

Cow skull on a stick, though, that's a new one.

The slashed-pantaloons/cow-skull look is popular here in Tampa, too.

And each joint has its own Skaven-tongue name, don't forget.

In the game lore, Skaven tails have 76 points of articulation. I expect full fidelity!

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